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Zhang Mengxing Meets Polish JSW Group President Daniel Ozon
CopyFrom: Date:28 November 2017
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  On November 24th, MCC President Zhang Mengxing met Polish JSW Group President Daniel Ozon at the MCC Headquarters in Beijing. Both parties held a meeting at which they deeply exchanged opinions concerning strengthening their cooperation on engineering construction in the coking field, investment & financing and other matters for the joint development of China’s and Poland’s markets.

  Zhang Mengxing first welcomed President Daniel Ozon back to the MCC Group, then pointed out that MCC possesses very powerful technical strength in coke oven design, construction, equipment manufacturing and other aspects, having undertaken the design, construction and equipment supply of all of China’s coke ovens. Its subsidiary MCC ACRE’s ‘special gas supply device for CDQ shaft in the coking field’ invention has the honor of winning the 18th Chinese Patent Gold Medal. Only 20 inventions have won this prize. It also won first prize at the National Awards for Science and Technology Progress, which is the highest award won by the MCC Group in recent years. Financing is not a problem if we sign EPC contracts, purchase devices from China, find appropriate guarantees and adopt suitable modes. As a large-scale state-owned company, the MCC Group has over 200 large-scale projects in 54 countries and regions, and pays special attention to its reputation. Integrity management is our highest criterion. With a long history and very good management experience, JSW has great strength and influence, and Poland is an important country along the ‘Belt and Road’. We must provide good services, the most favorable conditions and the best technologies for JSW’s Coke Oven Transformation Project. On such a basis, both sides shall further strengthen their all-around cooperation. The Chinese Government will also provide strong support.

  Daniel Ozon first thanked President Zhang for his warm reception, then pointed out that this is his second visit to MCC and it now feels like a second home. After JSW appointed senior experts in the financial and technical fields to investigate and survey MCC ACRE and its completed projects, they were deeply satisfied with MCC’s design and construction capability, and its performance was beyond their expectations. There is no doubt that the MCC Group will be competent in undertaking their coke oven project. By virtue of its own technical strength and management ability, MCC only took a few short years to complete the 100-year internationalization process of western enterprises, and it has successfully completed many projects around the world. He hopes that both sides will further strengthen their all-around cooperation on the basis of the coke oven transformation project, jointly develop China’s and Poland’s markets, and contribute strength to bilateral cooperation between Poland and China.

  The meeting was attended by China-Poland Economic and Cultural Exchange Foundation[A1]  President Tian Qing and MCC Group personnel Xu Yongjie, Fan Jintian, Gu Yuxiang and others.