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Zhang Mengxing Meets Guiyang City Deputy Mayor Wang Yuxiang and Delegation
CopyFrom: Date:29 November 2017
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  On November 28th, MCC President Zhang Mengxing met Guiyang City Deputy Mayor Wang Yuxiang and his delegation. Both sides deeply exchanged views on further enhancing cooperation on cultural tourism, big health project development, characteristic towns, sewage treatment, urban infrastructure and other fields.

  Zhang Mengxing briefly introduced the MCC Group’s history and basic situations, pointing out that as one of the most successful central enterprises in transformation, MCC Group is devoted to being the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term’. In recent years, MCC Group has enjoyed good development momentum in operation revenue, profits and markets. The Zhuhai Hengqin Underground Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Project which was invested in and constructed by MCC Group won the only Luban Prize for a pipe gallery in China. MCC Group is the country’s only enterprise to hold the theme park design and construction qualification, and it has also established strategic cooperation partnerships with DreamWorks, LEGO and 21st Century Fox, and successfully completed Singapore Universal Studios, Shanghai Disney Resort, Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom and many other super-large cultural theme parks. The company’s sewage treatment capacity has reached 4 million t/d. It successfully designed the country’s first garbage incineration power generation plant, and has since designed, constructed and operated many garbage incineration power generation plants in China.

  Zhang Mengxing said that the MCC Group and Guizhou Province have a profound cooperation basis and sound cooperation relationship. The Three Expressways Project, Guiyang Metro Project, Zunyi Project and other major projects in the province have concentrated the deep friendship between MCC Group and Guizhou. The Group’s subsidiary MCC (Guizhou) Construction and Investment Development Co., Ltd. has settled in Guiyang and made contributions to the city’s development. He hopes that both sides will enhance their communication and connection, further deepen their all-round cooperation in elderly care, cultural tourism, sewage treatment, characteristic towns, municipal infrastructure and other fields, and speed up the implementation of relevant projects.

  Wang Yuxiang briefly introduced Guiyang City’s development situations, pointing out that Guiyang protects its sound ecological environment while pursuing rapid development, and has earned its reputation as a ‘Forest City’. By virtue of its fastest development in recent years, Guiyang has become a national-level nesting zone for big data industrial development, a nesting zone for contact centers and service outsourcing, a big data transaction center and a nesting zone for data centers. He hopes that the MCC Group will become involved in Guiyang City’s grand tourism, great poverty alleviation, big data and big ecology strategies, seize the opportunity of the Guiyang Municipal Government positively introducing the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection and Inheritance Project, and use its technology, capital and other advantages to promote the development of Guiyang in the national culture industry, tourism industry, characteristic town construction and other fields. The Guiyang Municipal Party Committee and Government will continue to give great support.

  The meeting was attended by relevant Guiyang Municipal Government personnel Cheng Xueyue, Yao Jialin, Wang Hengzhuang, Wu Shengkui, Cui Chuanhao and Fan Chonghan, Beijing Tiancheng Jiahua Culture Medium Co., Ltd.  personnel Zhang Shuang and Zhao Daxin, and relevant MCC Group personnel Wang Shilei, Tian Zhixiang, Zhang Hongjin, Yang Kui, Li Huiying, Ye Zhixiang, Fan Cunhua, Jiang Hongyan, Lin Zonghui and others.