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Zhang Mengxing Meets Gui’an New District Party Work Committee Deputy Secretary and Development Investment Company President Zong Wen
CopyFrom: Date:29 November 2017
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  On the afternoon of November 28th, MCC President Zhang Mengxing met Gui’an New District Party Work Committee Deputy Secretary & Development Investment Company President Zong Wen and his delegation at the MCC Headquarters in Beijing. Both sides deeply exchanged opinions regarding strengthening their cooperation on new energy automobiles, municipal infrastructure, urban complex projects and other fields.

  Zhang Mengxing expressed gratitude for the support that Gui’an New District has given the MCC Group, then pointed out that MCC Group is filled with expectations and confidence for the future development of Guizhou. It has registered and established the largest regional company MCC (Guizhou) Construction and Investment Development Co., Ltd. in Gui’an New District. This company put forward the guiding thought of localized development upon its establishment, and has since made many contributions to local development. He hopes that Gui’an New District will give strong support to the development MCC (Guizhou) Construction and Investment Development Co., Ltd.

  Zhang Mengxing said that MCC Group has successfully realized comprehensive transformation. Urban infrastructure, road traffic, urban complexes, long-span steel structure, underground comprehensive pipe galleries, black and odorous water treatment, waste incineration and so on have become its advantageous fields and important business sectors. It has also signed strategic cooperation agreements with 54 governments at prefecture-level or above including Guizhou Province. It has successfully entered the new energy battery field and invested in the construction of China’s largest high-nickel ternary precursor project in Tangshan. Upon completion, it will become the largest high-purity scandium oxide research & development and production base in the world.

  Gui’an New District’s strategic planning and development concepts in the new energy field are very inspiring and rank in the forefront nationwide in organization, action and management modes, achieving many first places. Full of confidence in the development of the new energy field in Gui’an New District, MCC Group is willing to give full play to its own advantages and comprehensively take part in the construction of the new energy field in Gui’an New District.

  Zong Wen comprehensively introduced the development plans of Gui’an New District in the new energy automobile field, pointing out that Gui’an New District will become an important strategic support and economic growth pole in Guizhou Province. It has established ‘three big and one new’ industry distribution with big data, big culture and tourism, big health and new energy. It will be the first state-level new district in China to form a complete new energy automobile industry chain, and also the first city to possess two manufacturing systems for passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. It will also be the first time that vehicle infrastructure integration construction has been realized in an entire province nationwide. At present, Guian New District has already introduced over 50 domestic and overseas enterprises, and is set to build a new energy city center in all regions of the province with a huge investment scale and construction volume. He hopes that the MCC Group will positively take part in project construction. Gui’an New District will regard MCC (Guizhou) Construction and Investment Development Co., Ltd. as its own localized enterprise, strengthen communication, systemize and list projects in infrastructure, factory buildings and other fields, and support MCC’s development in Guizhou.

  The meeting was attended by Gui’an New District personnel Wang Weizhong, Xu Hongjun, Shi Xiaohong, Du Hai, Luo Chun, Xian Yue and Tao Yongfeng, and MCC Group personnel Tian Zhixiang, Zhang Hongjin, Ye Zhixiang, Wang Wei and others.