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State Council Inspection Team Supervises and Inspects Work at CFMCC’s Baiyin Pipe Gallery Project
CopyFrom: Date:30 November 2017
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  On November 28th, MOHURD Deputy Minister Yi Jun led the State Council Inspection Team to CFMCC’s contracted Baiyin Underground Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Project where they supervised the implementation of significant policy measures of the State Council. The inspection was accompanied by related leaders of the Gansu MOHURD, Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Gansu Province, and Baiyin City, as well as the personnel of relevant departments.

  Yi Jun and his delegation went to the underground comprehensive pipe gallery construction site on Beijing Road and inspected the construction situation of the heating power cabin and comprehensive cabin. Baiyin Urban and Rural Housing Construction Bureau Deputy Director Wang Dongyan gave the inspection team a detailed introduction to the project’s overall planning, pilot project progress and financing and operation, and emphatically introduced its national and local special finance fund utilization, supervision and implementation, migrant worker real-name system management and wage payments, migrant worker rights and interests maintenance, guaranteed conditions, etc. Yi Jun said that this project has a particular preliminary scheme, large design scale, complete pipeline categories and rapid construction speed. Its quality has been effectively guaranteed and a generalizable exemplary effect sufficiently reached in all aspects of its engineering. The Baiyin Municipal Party Committee and Government and the construction unit CFMCC are maintaining good organization and effective supervision. National and local special finance fund utilization and appropriation are corresponding with the project’s progress. All safety, quality, progress, standardized safe and civilized construction, migrant worker rights and interest maintenance, and other measures have been implemented and put in place. He hopes that all departments at all levels will further effectively carry out the implementation of all policies, positively explore and constantly improve the related measures, and promote the deep implementation of all the project’s work.

  As one of ten pipe gallery pilot projects in the first batch nationwide, with the earliest commencement, largest volume and most complete auxiliary facilities, the Baiyin Underground Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Project is the first key project to be put into engineering construction in the PPP mode nationwide, and governments at all levels across the country are paying close and extensive attention. Inspection teams from the State Council and all ministries and commissions have visited the project six times to supervise and inspect its work.

  According to the statistics, 21 km of the major structure has been completed, including the backfilling of the South Ring West Road, Beijing Road and Chengxin Avenue by the road unit, and the South Ring Road, North Ring Road and Yingbin Avenue which are now open to traffic. In all, 80% of the total work amount has been completed.