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Zhang Mengxing Meets Kazakhstan Akmola State Governor Murzalin Malik
CopyFrom: Date:01 December 2017
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  On November 29th, MCC President Zhang Mengxing met Kazakhstan Akmola State Governor Murzalin Malik at MCC’s Headquarters in Beijing. Both sides exchanged opinions regarding deep cooperation on metallurgical construction, cultural theme parks, high-end real estate development, tourism and health care, sewage treatment, urban district development, municipal infrastructure construction and other fields.

  Zhang Mengxing briefly introduced the MCC Group’s historical reform and development situation, pointing out that as the pioneer and founder of new China’s steel and iron industry, and the largest metallurgical engineering construction contractor and metallurgical main business operation service provider in the world, MCC Group has undertaken over 90% of the design and construction tasks of China’s large-scale iron and steel enterprises and occupies a market share of over 60% of the global metallurgical market. Capable of providing whole industry chain services in reconnaissance, design, construction, maintenance, cooperation and so on, it has successfully completed the construction tasks of the Vietnam Ha Tinh Steel and Iron Project and Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel and Iron Project, two global 10-million-ton steel and iron enterprises, and comprehensively promoted the level of ferrous metallurgy in the world. MCC is implementing two 3.5-million-ton steel and iron plants in Malaysia and Indonesia. At present, the MCC Group is devoted to being the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries, insisting on taking the road of high-tech construction in the long term’. Urban infrastructure, rail transit, high-end housing construction, underground comprehensive pipe galleries, theme parks, sewage treatment, waste incineration power generation, etc. have developed into its main business sectors and advantageous fields. MCC is the only domestic enterprise to hold the theme park design and construction qualification, representing the highest level in China’s theme park field. It has established strategic cooperation partnerships with DreamWorks, Lego and 21st Century Fox, successfully completed Universal Studios Singapore, Shanghai Disneyland, Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom and many other super-large cultural theme parks, and is currently constructing Nanjing Dragon’s Nest, Huai’an Journey to the West Theme Park, Indonesia MNC and other projects. As the earliest central enterprise to go global, MCC Group has businesses in over 80 countries and regions. Its real estate business ranks 48th nationwide and its profitability ranks 5th nationwide. It has successfully set foot in the new energy and environmental protection fields; its sewage treatment capacity reaches 5 million t/d, and it successfully designed the first domestic waste incineration power plant, and designed, constructed and operated many waste incineration power generation stations domestically. China’s largest high-nickel ternary precursor project is under construction in Tangshan City of Hebei Province; upon completion, it will become the world’s largest high-purity scandium oxide research & development and production base. With strong scientific and technical research & development and technological innovation ability, MCC has 13 scientific research and design units, 53,000 scientific research technicians, 20 state-level scientific research platforms and national key laboratories, and over 21,000 effective patents, ranking fourth among central enterprises for four consecutive years. In addition, 155 national standards in operation were compiled by MCC Group.

  Zhang Mengxing said that the MCC Group and Kazakhstan have a close cooperation relationship. Both sides have paid mutual visits many times and established a profound friendship. We are willing to give full play to MCC’s advantages in ferrous metallurgy, urban infrastructure, theme parks, real estate development, sewage treatment and other fields, provide services and contribute strength to the development of Akmola State. He hopes that Akmola State will strongly support MCC Group’s local development as always.

  Akmola State Governor Murzalin Malik briefly introduced the development situation of Akmola State, pointing out that it has an advantageous geographical position in Kazakhstan and is currently enjoying a grand development period. A large number of projects in ferrous metallurgy, ore resources, economically affordable housing, high-end residences, tourism real estate, health care, sewage treatment, theme parks and other fields require investment and construction. He hopes that the MCC Group will give full play to its own advantages in technology, management, construction and other fields, and positively take part in development and construction in all fields in Akmola State. We will certainly provide strong support.

  The meeting was attended by Kazakhstan Presidential Economic Counselor Lugozki Griffith, relevant Akmola State personnel Vasimbayev Askark, Zakcirekov Yeerboer, Suhambekov Kanert and Igaliev Manat, CAIFC Europe Department Director Wang Jianrui and relevant MCC Group personnel Fan Jintian, Xu Yongjie and others.