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MCC Group’s 2017 Project Manager Special Skills Training Class Smoothly Ends
CopyFrom: Date:01 December 2017
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  On November 30th, all the training plans of the MCC Group’s 2017 Project Manager Special Skills Training Class were completed and a graduation ceremony was held. China Minmetals Group Vice-General Manager, MCC Group General Manager and MCC Party Committee Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang attended the ceremony and gave an important speech. MCC Group & MCC Standing Party Committee Member and MCC Vice-president Wang Shilei presided over the ceremony.

  Zhang Zhaoxiang pointed out that this training class is an important measure for deeply implementing President Guo Wenqing’s important speech spirit regarding ‘The Year of Engineering Construction Management Improvement’ and a significant activity for further enhancing MCC’s leadership construction and deepening the promotion of ‘main project management and control platform construction’. He then summarized and refined the features and efficiencies of this training from three aspects.

  First, it is necessary to learn hard with passion. On the first day of the class, all the trainees quickly completed their identity conversion from leader to learner, and devoted themselves to the training. During the intensive teaching, they listened carefully, spoke positively in class and communicated with and enlightened each other during after-class discussions. During the practice observation process, they entered construction sites, identified the advantages and shortcomings compared with they learned, and earnestly summarized their thoughts and feelings in their papers. The training class had a positive atmosphere. Many learners cherished the time, fully presented the rigorous scholarship spirit and set an example for the holding of similar activities in the future.

  Second, it is important to understand and gain from what you have learned. Many learners have said that this training was not held in vain. ‘Grinding the axe will not hold up the work of chopping firewood’. Many advanced management concepts, methods and measures were learned in this experts’ class. Through this training, they have gained a deeper understanding of the main direction and advanced concepts of current project management, which will greatly help the promotion of the enterprise’s management level. Many subsidiary leaders have said that they will put the contents of this training into the practical work of their units and promote the overall improvement of their project management level with ‘one to many’ and ‘point to area’.

  Third, it is vital to use and make achievements with what you have learned. The point of ‘learning’ is ‘using’. It is necessary to use the fruits of this training for the improvement of the project management and enterprise development level. At present, the MCC Group still has a certain gap in project management as compared with domestic advanced enterprises. Only through the further improvement of management concepts and completion and implementation of the management system can the overall project management and control ability and the competitiveness of the whole Group be improved. We shall firmly implement and carry out President Guo Wenqing’s important requirements for the national team of metallurgic construction to ‘be the best and restart business again’, put the centralized and unified management and control platform of secondary companies into practice, and regard the high-level project management team as the Group’s important support for building an international first-class enterprise with international competitiveness, and the important basis for selecting enterprise leaders and managers at all levels.

  Zhang Zhaoxiang pointed out that 2017 is the ‘year of engineering project management improvement’ for the MCC Group and the opening year of doing a good job in the project management under the new situation. He hopes that everyone will put the knowledge and methods that they have learned into their unit work, and form a distinctive project management and control system and effective practices in all enterprises in 2018.

  The graduation ceremony was attended by MCC Group and MCC Worker Director and Party Committee Secretary Lin Jinzhen, CFMCC President Song Zhanjiang, WISDRI President Xiang Mingwu, MCC WSGRI President Zhu Xiaoyou, the general managers of 10 subsidiaries, MCC Group Engineering Construction Management Department Vice-minister Wang Hailong, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department Vice-minister Li Yongkang and the management division leaders of 30 relevant engineering subsidiaries. At the ceremony, Zhang Zhaoxiang, Wang Shilei, Lin Jinzhen and other leaders issued the graduation certificates to 127 learners. Shanghai Baoye Project Manager Sun Peng, Nonferrous Institute Project Manager Liu Jun and MCC22 General Manager Liu Yushan successively made speeches on the stage on behalf of the training class.

  The MCC Group’s 2017 Project Manager Special Skills Training Class lasted 18 days and included three phases: centralized teaching and examination, on-site training and paper defense. During the centralized teaching, 9 experts from top universities, scientific research units, architecture enterprises and relevant associations were invited to give 10 high-level lectures. Their teaching contents closely combined present industrial development with practical enterprise management, and possessed high pertinence and guidance qualities. Meanwhile, 3 group study discussion activities were held on 3 separate evenings, closely followed the two themes of ‘the national team of metallurgical construction being the best and restarting business again’ and ‘subsidiary headquarters becoming the main project management platform’, and generated 15 learning result reports. A new brainstorm discussion salon was also held. During the on-site project training, 15 groups visited 15 major benchmark projects in Wuhan, Nanjing and Shenzhen, combined their learning knowledge with on-site training themes, and completed 15 high-quality on-site training papers. During the paper defense on November 29th, all group members made wonderful defenses on themes including EPC project planning, engineering subcontracting management, green construction, standardization management, new technology application, excellence and prize creation, and conducted deep communication and interaction with 5 experts at management level in every part of the engineering improvement project. Vice-President Wang Shilei attended the whole training class and instructed the learners in their defense.

  This training class unified the learners’ thoughts, broadened their minds and improved their project management ability in a short time. They generally said that they have learned and absorbed advanced project management concepts and thoughts, gained deep knowledge at the forefront of project management and control modes and methods, and strengthened and improved their accumulated management experience through this centralized and systematical training. The class had abundant contents and courses, gained obvious results in all phases, obtained close attention and reached the expected effects as regards the training process and activity effects.