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MCC Group and MCC Safety Training Seminar Held at Minmetals
CopyFrom: Date:04 December 2017
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  On December 1st and 2nd, to implement the safety production entity responsibilities of the enterprise and improve the safety production management awareness of the safety supervisors of all subsidiaries, according to the Groups’ safety production work deployments, the MCC Group and MCC 2017 Annual Safety Training Seminar was smoothly held at Chengdu Minmetals.

  Sichuan Provincial Safety Production Management Expert and Sichuan Provincial Work Safety Administration Deputy Director Zhou Tong was invited to the seminar, where he explained the current national safety production work requirements and situations, discussed keeping a foothold on practical safety supervision work and especially expounded upon ‘one policy’, ‘two principles’, ‘three relationships’, ‘four repeats, pairs and balances’, ‘five commons, reaches and absolutes’ and other topics under the theme of ‘performing duties and sharing safety and health’. He also specifically interpreted the relevant safety production duty contents that shall be performed at all levels of the enterprise. The Group’s Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department put forward the requirements to carry out and implement the MCC Group’s safety production responsibility list, and reported on MCC Group’s regional safety production examination situations in the latter half of the year.

  MCC Group & MCC Standing Party Committee and MCC Vice-President Wang Shilei attended the meeting and gave a summary speech entitled ‘Consolidating Enterprise Entity Responsibility and Establishing a Safety Development Foundation’ in which he put forward 10 requirements for the safety production work: first, it is necessary to stand at the political height and understand the relevant safety problems. Second, it is important to further perfect the safety production responsibility system and enhance the implementation of enterprise safety production entity responsibility. Third, it is vital to fully promote the standardization construction of project site safety culture and build the MCC brand. Fourth, it is necessary to further perfect safety production management organization and sort and strengthen the safety production managers. Fifth, it is important to establish a complete safety risk classification control and potential risk identification and treatment ‘double control’ mechanism. Sixth, it is vital to enhance subcontractor management and highlight progress supervision. Seventh, it is essential to continuously improve the safety production management level of the engineering design companies. Eighth, it is important to enhance safety training education work and improve the safety protection ability of workers on the production line. Ninth, it is necessary to complete the emergency rescue system and improve the general emergency rescue ability. And finally, it is vital to solidly conduct safety production examination activities and do a good job in the safety production work in the special period at the end of the year.

  The seminar attendees also visited the Chengdu Large Magic Cube Performing Art Center Project undertaken by Minmetals. This project greatly promotes site standardization and green construction management, obtaining such titles as ‘Sichuan Provincial Safety Culture Standardization Site’ and such accomplishments as National AAA-level Safety Culture Standardization, and presenting Minmetals’ safety culture standardization management results.

  On the morning of December 2nd, the safety supervision department principals of all subsidiaries were divided into two groups to conduct serious discussions of the Group’s standardization manual upgrading work and relevant safety examination contents.

  Attended by a total of 82 people including all subsidiary subcontracting safety work principals and safety supervision department principals, this meeting obtained Minmetals’ great support and reached its intended training and communication goals.