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Zhang Zhaoxiang Inspects MCC Subsidiaries in Wuhan
CopyFrom: Date:04 December 2017
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  On November 30th, China Minmetals Group Vice-General Manager, MCC Group General Manager and MCC Party Committee Secretary Zhang Zhaoxiang attended the graduation ceremony of the MCC Group’s 2017 Project Manager Special Skills Training Class in Wuhan, and inspected the two Wuhan subsidiaries CFMCC and WISDRI.

  At the CFMCC inspection forum, Zhang Zhaoxiang listened to CFMCC Party Committee Secretary and President Song Zhanjiang’s report on the enterprise’s situation in market development, project management, technology innovation, talent training, Party construction and other aspects in recent years, as well as their future development thoughts. Zhang Zhaoxiang affirmed CFMCC’s work and business achievements in recent years, and pointed out that with the efforts of all employees, CFMCC has maintained good development momentum, presented many features in market exploration, ‘two funds’ debt, employee training, basic management and other work, and especially made remarkable achievements in liquidating iron and steel enterprises’ debt, primary registered construction engineering training, long-pending problem-solving and other aspects. CFMCC’s rich experience and positive actions deserve promotion in the MCC Group.

  Zhang Zhaoxiang then put forward three requirements for CFMCC’s future development: first, do a good job in enterprise assets, continue to adhere to adopting several methods for greatly promoting ‘two funds’ debt, analyze the composition of ‘two funds’, distinguish excellent stock, fully advance historic project settlement, speed up engineering stock liquidation and ensure the completion of the MCC Group’s ‘two funds’ control indexes. Second, it is important to keep up with the industrial benchmark, grasp basic management, conduct employee training with various forms, levels and types, and further improve the project management level. It is vital to grasp the project profit points, control the project risk points, build the brand and protect the earnings. Third, it is necessary to focus on the main business, further optimize resource allocation, give full play to the resource allocation center role of subsidiary headquarters, know the direction, refine management, prevent risks, continuously consolidate asset quality, give full play to current capital efficiency and improve the enterprise’s profitability and market competitiveness.

  At the WISDRI inspection forum, Zhang Zhaoxiang carefully listened to WISDRI Party Committee Secretary and President Xiang Mingwu’s report, then pointed out that WISDRI is one of the enterprises with the best development among the Group’s present scientific research design units. It has good environment and assets, forming a sound basis and huge potential for sustainable and stable development. Zhang Zhaoxiang said that in the metallurgy field, WISDRI shall continue to give full play to its traditional advantages and create further achievements in the process of the national team of metallurgical construction ‘being the best and restarting business again’. In the environmental protection field, WISDRI has set foot in soil remediation, water treatment and other comprehensive and professional fields. Especially in soil remediation, its development scale and quality lead the industry with good development momentum and huge space. In the infrastructure construction field, WISDRI can successfully conduct projects using the general contracting method, presenting a very high project management level. All of this manifests that WISDRI depends on technology and project management, conducts relevant diversification, obtains visible effects and clearly strengthens its anti-risk capability.

  Zhang Zhaoxiang then encouraged WISDRI, pointing out that enterprise competition is based on talent competition, and WISDRI has the large talent-gathering environment of Wuhan, its own good working conditions and the ability to attract more excellent talents and achieve greater development.

  The inspection was attended by MCC Group & MCC Standing Party Committee Member and MCC Vice-President Wang Shilei, MCC Group and MCC Worker Director and Party Committee Secretary Lin Jinzhen and others.


  Zhang Zhaoxiang inspects CFMCC


  Zhang Zhaoxiang inspects WISDRI