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CCTV-2 Reports MCC’s Fabricated Building on Economic News
CopyFrom: Date:13 October 2017
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  On the evening of October 12th, CCTV-2 broadcast the short film ‘Fabricated Building: “Blocks” for Building Towers’, which was selected and submitted by the MCC Group, in ‘Great, My Country’, a special section of Economic News which celebrates the 19th National Congress of the CPC. At nearly 5 minutes in length, the video takes MCC22’s Gengyang Jinyuan Fabricated Residential Building Project as an entry point to focus on China’s first green building construction sample project to apply the core technologies of fabricated concrete and fabricated steel structure. With such advantages as integrated project design, industrial production, fabricated construction, integrated decoration and so on, the project has realized a modernized construction method, reached unified management and in-depth integration in engineering design, component production, construction and purchasing, strengthened whole process supervision, guaranteed engineering quality safety and truly taken a significant step towards ‘manufacturing houses’ from ‘building houses’. The 11 innovation highlights of the project lead the new trend of fabricated steel structure, which fully reflects the rapid development of China’s building economy.

  To date, CCTV-2’s ‘Great, My Country’ has already broadcast three of MCC’s short films including MCC19’s ‘Gao Talks about Blast Furnaces’, MCC17’s ‘China’s Largest: Xi’an Pipe Gallery Engineering Construction’ and MCC22’s ‘Fabricated Building: “Blocks” for Building Towers’, all of which were selected and submitted by the MCC Party Committee’s Publicity Department, panoramically demonstrating the MCC Group’s outstanding achievements in being the ‘national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries’, establishing the new image of MCC’s brand and the new acts of MCC’s employees, and letting the gold-lettered ‘MCC’ signboard shine.