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Zhang Mengxing Attends China-Arabia Countries Expo and Meets Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region NPC Standing Committee Executive Deputy Director Li Rui
He also investigates MCCCE’s Ningxia Company during his visit
CopyFrom: Date:08 September 2017
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  On September 6th, MCC President Zhang Mengxing and his delegation visited Ningxia to attend the biennial China-Arabia Countries Expo, which focuses on economic and transaction cooperation, conducts activities focused on merchandise transaction, investment, technology capacity transfer and other aspects, and provides an important platform for all parties to deeply participate in the national ‘Belt and Road’ construction and conduct practical cooperation in Arabian countries. Before the exhibition, Zhang Mengxing attended the Central Enterprise Representative Forum organized by Ningxia Autonomous Region Chairman Xian Hui. After the exhibition, Zhang Mengxing met Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region NPC Standing Committee Executive Deputy Director and Deputy Party Committee Secretary Li Rui. Both sides held talks about enhancing government-enterprise business connection, deepening project cooperation and other matters.

  Zhang Mengxing briefly introduced the MCC Group’s business situation, pointing out that at present, MCC enjoys stable development in four business sectors: engineering general contracting, real estate development, equipment manufacturing and resource development. The MCC Group positively builds itself into the ‘national team’ of Chinese metallurgical construction, sets foot in the metallurgical industry and greatly expands its non-steel industries. Its non-metallurgical income proportion has reached about 80%. At present, MCC closely follows national policies, pursues large-scale development in countries and regions along the ‘Belt and Road’ route and positively expands its overseas market. He said that the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is an important region in domestic western development which has significant meaning for the overall national development strategy. The MCC Group positively participates in construction in Ningxia, established 19 companies in the Region and undertaking the construction of many of its large key projects. The total amount of newly signed and implemented contracts has reached RMB 20 billion. Zhang Mengxing emphasized that MCC and Yinchuan of Ningxia have already established a profound friendship. He hopes that both sides will further deepen their diverse development and cooperation in urban infrastructure construction, fabricated pipe galleries, sponge city, smart city and other fields. The MCC Group is willing to continue to integrate into local economic and social development, fulfill its central enterprise responsibilities and fully support Ningxia’s future construction.

  Li Rui praised the MCC Group’s booming in recent years and pointed out that MCC covers a wide range of businesses in Ningxia, plays an important role in the construction of regional large key projects and makes remarkable contributions to the development of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region development in the new period. Now, with the deep implementation of the ‘Belt and Road’ strategy, Ningxia has favorable future development prospects. The China-Arabia Countries Expo is an important platform of ‘Belt and Road’ construction and investment attraction. The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region welcomes such large and strong central enterprises as the MCC Group to participate in Ningxia’s infrastructure construction.

  The meeting was attended by Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region NPC Standing Committee Deputy Secretary General and Office Director Yang Hong, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Economy and Information Technology Commission Director Zhao Xuhui, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Commerce Department Deputy Director Chen Shengrong, MCC Overseas Engineering Management Department Director Xu Yongjie, MCC3 President Dai Guixue, MCC Saudi Arabia Branch Company General Manager Zhang Zhan and MCCCE Deputy Economic Manager and Ningxia Company President Yu Laixuan.

  During the exhibition, Zhang Mengxing and his delegation inspected MCCCE’s Ningxia Company and some of its key projects. They first visited the Ningxia Company’s conference hall, exhibition hall, working area and living area, and specifically learned about MCCCE’s project construction situation in Yinchuan. Later, they visited and inspected the Yinchuan Binhe New Area Changhe Avenue Underground Pipe Gallery Project, heard a report on the project’s overall situation, housekeeping, progress, BIM technology, QR code information management platform development and operation, etc. After that, Zhang Mengxing fully affirmed the project management team’s achievements in BIM technology, information management platform development and operation, and other aspects. He then said that the standardized management of the Yinchuan Binhe New Area Changhe Avenue Underground Pipe Gallery Project is at the country’s top level. It is the best project in standardized management among linear projects. The project management team has reached the country’s height and kept pace with the international advanced level in advanced management methods and other aspects. Many excellent management methods are worthy of further study and promotion.

  At the construction site, Zhang Mengxing checked the construction progress, safety management, quality control, housekeeping and other situations of pipe gallery project. In the model area, he scanned the project’s QR code with his mobilephone, checked the introduction of the project’s overall situations and all construction process contents and requirements. He then spoke highly of the project team’s ability to overcome linear project difficulties and continuously improve its quality, safety, housekeeping standardization level and other aspects, and praised the project team for integrating ‘Internet+’ with project management and achieving smart project management. He emphasized that the project management team members are under 27 years of age on average. This young project management team exudes vitality and enthusiasm for innovation. Their sound project standardization management measures guarantee the fast and excellent construction of the project, fully presents the MCC Group’s spirit of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’, sets an example within the MCC Group and is worthy of full affirmation. He hopes that the Project Department will make persistent efforts, continue to give full play to the young generation’s advantage of being good and brave in innovation, continue summarizing and improving, and make great contributions to the construction of a ‘Beautiful MCC’.

  The inspection was attended by MCC Overseas Project Management Department Director Xu Yongjie and MCC3 President Dai Guixue.