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MCC Group Holds 2017 Bidding Management Work Seminar
CopyFrom: Date:04 September 2017
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  Form August 31st to September 1st, 2017, sponsored by the MCC Group Bidding and Purchasing Center and undertaken by MCCCE, the MCC Group Bidding Management Work Seminar was held in Meeting Room 307 of the MCCCE Building. This meeting aimed to further specify the MCC Group’s bidding and purchasing activities, greatly promote the electronic purchasing of engineering subcontracting, deeply conduct ‘big procurement’ management and fully improve the Group’s purchasing management level. MCC Group and MCC Standing Committee Member and MCC Vice-President Qu Yang attended the meeting and gave an important speech. Over 110 superintendents and employees in charge of the bidding and procurement work of the MCC Group’s subordinate units attended. MCC Group Bidding and Purchasing Center Director Chang Wei presided over the meeting.

  Vice-President Qu Yang delivered an important speech entitled ‘Specifying Bidding and Purchasing Activities, Promoting Engineering Online Bidding and Fully Improving the MCC Group’s Two-Level Company Purchasing Management Level’, in which he pointed out that purchasing management is an important part of a modern enterprise’s production and operation activities. For the MCC Group, continuous purchasing cost reduction is a new profit resource. The MCC Group has promoted central purchasing since 2012. Over the last 4 years, according to relevant work requirements of the leaders of SASAC and the MCC Group, the Bidding and Purchasing Center has greatly promoted the Group’s two-level company purchasing management system construction, continuously perfected the purchasing management system, uniformly established the Group’s purchasing management platform, deeply implemented central and online purchasing, and conducted full-life cycle supplier platform management and other work. With the Group’s two-level company efforts, the central and online purchasing rates of equipment and materials have continuously improved, and both indexes have now reached SASAC’s advanced level requirements. In addition, the Group has continuously optimized its purchasing business process and specified its purchasing activity, increased the percentage of bidding and online purchasing, and improved its purchasing management level. These relevant work achievements have won the recognition of SASAC and the Group’s brother central enterprises. The MCC Group has ranked No. 2 among 8 architectural central enterprises in SASAC’s central enterprise purchasing management special improvement benchmarking appraisal activity for 2 years in 2015 and 2016, and helped the new China Minmetals Corporation to obtain place No. 4, which is a good result among commercial and trading central enterprises in 2017.

  Later, Qu Yang gave some opinions and advice on current bidding and purchasing work, embracing the three themes of ‘specifying bidding and purchasing activities’, ‘fully promoting the electronic bidding of engineering subcontracting’ and ‘conducting “big procurement” platform management’, and put forward five requirements for the Group’s bidding and purchasing management work in the next step. First, the main leaders of all units shall further enhance their understanding of the importance of purchasing management work. Second, all units shall establish complete purchasing management systems and regulations, and form mutually restricted purchasing management systems. Third, it is necessary to cultivate the professional skills of buyers and organize professional purchasing teams. Fourth, it is important to greatly promote the electronic purchasing of engineering subcontracting to the benchmark of material purchasing. And finally, it is vital to give full play to the Group’s central purchasing advantages and make contributions to reducing enterprise cost.

  In the end, Qu Yang emphasized that the Group’s two-level company shall continue to adhere to the simple yet profound MCC spirit of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’, remain grounded, forge ahead, continuously improve the Group’s two-level company bidding and purchasing management level based on its current achievements, and make more and bigger contributions to the construction of a ‘Beautiful MCC’ with practical actions and greater achievements.

  In his meeting summary speech, Chang Wei pointed out that this was the largest meeting since the foundation of the MCC Group’s purchasing system, and it has a benchmark meaning for reaching the Group’s purchasing management goals for 2020. He then put forward four requirements for the implementation of the spirit of the meeting. First, it is necessary to deeply learn and implement the contents of Vice-President Qu Yang’s speech. All participant representatives shall promptly convey the information to their own units. Second, every unit shall internally unify their thought, change their concepts and establish and deepen purchasing management mechanisms suitable for the enterprises’ actual situations. Third, all units shall fully understand their own bidding and purchasing situations. All brother units shall enhance their communication and interaction, and strive to improve their bidding and purchasing quality and efficiency. Finally, all units shall take immediate action and report the learning situation of this meeting and their plans for the next step to the Group Office before September 15th.

  MCCCE Party Committee Secretary and President Yao Jinchuan gave a speech in which he introduced the participants to the company’s development history and bidding management work. He then expressed that since 2000, MCCCE has regarded project management as a key point, seized the external market, enhanced internal management and gradually formed a new systematic and strict project management system with the core content of ‘one system and five mechanisms’, and auxiliary systems for project salaries, project auditing, discipline linkage and project quality and safety management through continuous exploration and innovation. The enterprise has gradually climbed out of the low ebb, stepped onto a sound development track and reestablished a new social image and market reputation. In MCCCE’s ‘one system and five mechanisms’ of project management, project production factors are important parts of the bidding and purchasing system. MCCCE has successively taken three steps: ‘concentrating the organization rights of the bidding’, ‘purchasing and procurement supply of main project materials’ and ‘changing two-level bidding into one-level bidding’, gradually specified the enterprise’s bidding and purchasing system, and played an important role in reducing cost, averting purchasing risks, improving purchasing quality and efficiency and so on. With the MCC Group’s correct leadership and by virtue of the positive opportunities brought by the MCC Group’s Bidding Management Work Seminar, MCCCE will continue to learn from the advanced experience of its brother units, continuously perfect its own bidding and purchasing system, provide a strong guarantee for achieving the company’s continuous, stable and healthy development, and make contributions to the development of the MCC Group.

  At the meeting, the representatives of seven units, MCCCE, MCC Huatian, MCC ACRE, MCC5, MCC17, MCC20 and MCC Real Estate, respectively gave speeches on the features of their own bidding management work at the seminar. All participating units fully discussed bidding management work in groups. Additionally, external experts were invited to deliver special speeches about bidding and purchasing.

  During the meeting, the participants attended MCCCE’s tendering and bidding evaluation meeting and visited its Exhibition Hall.