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Guo Wenqing Holds and Presides Over MCC Group Leadership Meeting
Conducts key layout surrounding the implementation of the Semi-annual Experience Exchange Meeting spirit
CopyFrom: Date:16 August 2017
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  On the morning of August 15th, Guo Wenqing held the MCC Group’s leadership meeting in order to conduct the key layout surrounding the deep implementation of the spirit of the 2017 Semi-annual Experience Exchange Meeting and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise. The meeting was attended by the company leaders, staff directors, assistant presidents and superintendents of the relevant functional departments.

  Guo Wenqing emphasized that this year’s Semi-annual Experience Exchange Meeting is an important strategic management meeting held by the Group to deeply examine, perceive and grasp the new trends, characteristics and opportunities in global economic and industrial development under the general background and overarching logic. It is a very important meeting for clarifying what kind of flag MCC holds, what kind of road MCC takes and what kind of historical mission MCC bears, during the key period of the Group’s development process. All MCC people should fully recognize the profound meaning of this meeting from a strategic perspective.

  Guo Wenqing then put forward four requirements concerning the implementation of the spirit of the Semi-annual Experience Exchange Meeting.

  First, the Group must focus on improving strategic mastery, unity, systematization and sensibility, and adhere to the ‘leading strategic control + key operation function control’ mode in controlling and managing subsidiaries. Offside, omission and misplacing are definitely not allowed. The Group shall indeed bear the duty of ‘management’, lead and promote the development of subsidiaries in ‘strategy, coordination, services and superintendence’, practically strengthen the strategic control and comprehensive operation ability, and purposefully promote the work from an overall systematic perspective rather than ‘striking here and there’ haphazardly. It is important to focus on improving the perspective and insight of grasping matters, understanding the issues, handling the problems, seeing through the surface appearance, perceiving the root causes of problems, recognizing the importance and urgency of problems with piercing insight, and solving major problems with high quality.

  Second, it is important to solve the ordered progress problem of market exploration. While the MCC Group is passionate about market exploration, there still exist certain problems regarding ‘unregulated and unprincipled’ exploration. The MCC Headquarters will positively build an ‘overall situation’ and ‘sound atmosphere’ for subsidiaries, play a role in leading, encouraging and driving, and focus on the overall market layout and systematic organization, implementation and services. It is not permissible to misinterpret its leadership identity as that of an ‘athlete’ and ‘negotiate projects’ in lieu of subsidiaries’ market principal responsibilities. The development of the subsidiaries shall depend on them. The MCC Headquarters control and manage the market’s key operation functions, enhance connection with government chief executives via systematization plans, deeply study the enhancement problems of regional companies, accelerate the substantialization of regional companies, persistently strengthen project management, never give up and strictly conform to the approval standards and principles of projects. Major projects shall be earnestly run by the President’s Office.

  Third, it is necessary to thoroughly learn and implement the central tasks confirmed in the Semi-Annual Experience Exchange Meeting in a well-grounded way based on deep learning and thorough understanding. The Group’s leaders, all functional departments and subsidiaries should devote time and energy to learning and comprehending the rich connotations, spiritual essences and work requirements of the strategic thinking exhibited at the Semi-Annual Experience Exchange Meeting, think with their brains and comprehend with their hearts. Any deviation in strategic thinking will cause enterprise development to deviate from the correct direction. The MCC Party Committee Center Team shall take the lead in studying; the leaders will combine their own management work experience and discuss implementation; the Group will establish supervision teams as soon as possible to inspect the meeting spirit implementation situations of all subsidiaries and enhance the leadership of consensus publication; and the MCC newspaper shall publish at least two articles on the enterprise’s meeting spirit implementation situation every week and guarantee that the thoughts and actions of all cadres are in accordance with the Group’s strategic layout.

  The MCC Group must put huge efforts into implementing the two central tasks of the Semi-annual Experience Exchange Meeting. First, facing the new trends in the development of the iron and steel metallurgy industry, the MCC Group must once again focus on making its core metallurgical business better, stronger and more excellent. It is necessary to deeply realize the importance and urgency of the proposal concerning the main metallurgical business being foremost and restarting business. Metallurgy is MCC’s special skill. It is the first mission of MCC’s development to build the world’s best ‘national team’ of metallurgical construction and operation services. We must seize the new opportunities in the metallurgical field and deeply research how to transform and upgrade simple output construction into output technology, management and services. Second, we must ensure that the subsidiaries complete their project management and control platform, and achieve the centralized and efficient management of projects. From positive and negative aspects in the enterprise’s experience, we have learned that it is important to control projects well. This is the foundation of enterprise development. The subsidiaries shall put such aspects of projects as the overall planning, scheme, budget, bidding and purchasing, capital allocation, financial audit, risk management and control, and safety production into the company’s unified management platform. It is vital for subsidiaries to perfect their unsound organization charts as soon as possible with detailed and feasible plans and measures, and focus on combining their own situations. Mechanical copying is not permitted. The goal of perfect management shall be pursued. Additionally, reform shall conform to the problems, especially long-term unsettled problems. It is necessary to grasp key links of the problems and speed up implementation.

  Finally, it is necessary to persistently and strictly enhance cadre style construction, and pay attention to strengthening study and training. The MCC Party Committee and Party Committee Center Team shall form and insist on a system of studying, focus on learning the spirits of President Xi Jinping’s series of important speeches and national fundamental policies, and deeply study enterprise development problems. It is vital that learning and study be treated as a theoretical guide and action basis so as to better promote enterprise development and instruct actual practice. It is necessary to enhance the training of the discipline inspection commission secretaries and chief accountants, persistently strengthen style construction, tighten style construction at every moment and stretch the style construction chain. The leading cadres shall conform to the rules and disciplines. The main leaders of all subsidiaries shall ask for approval before they leave the premises of the enterprise, promptly offer explanations for their absence at necessary meetings, set an example, give full play to their leading and demonstration roles, carry forward the MCC spirit of ‘Never delaying and never slacking’, and make efforts that are both ‘common’ and ‘long term’. Relaxation and slacking are never allowed at all. It is also important to maintain intensive and highly effective work conditions, and the spirit of a responsible manager.

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