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Chinese Copper Industry Leads World in Oxygen Bottom Blowing Copper Smelting Technology
CopyFrom:MCC Date:21 November 2016
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From November 13th to 18th, the Ninth International Copper Conference (Copper 2016) was held in Kobe City, Japan. The meeting was attended by the Nonferrous Metals Society of China (hereinafter referred to as the 'Society') Executive Member & China ENFI General Manager Wu Shaohui, and International Copper Association Committee Chinese Representative, Society Member, China ENFI Deputy General Manager & Chief Manager Liu Cheng.

The International Copper Conference is held every three years. Its topics for discussion include the all-round industry chain of the copper industry, and it has significant influence in the industry. At the meeting, the members of the International Copper Society reached a consensus on such issues as joining the International Association of Copper Committee (IOC), jointly hosting Copper 2019 with the Canada Mining and Metallurgy Society, and attending the first meeting of the Copper 2019 Committee.

During the meeting, in his substance report Latest Development on China's Copper Industry, Society President Jia Mingxing pointed out that the  gas bottom blowing copper smelting technology invented by China ENFI is the most important achievement in the development of the copper industry in China and even the world in the last 30 years, and it has made important contributions to the industry's transformation, upgrading and technical progress. At the meeting, a number of technicians from the Company were invited to make academic reports, and they made a deep introduction of gas bottom copper smelting technology from different angles. On the basis of the statistics, 34 technical papers on the copper industry in China were included, and 9 papers of China ENFI were among them, manifesting the important influence of the Company as the leading enterprise in the industry.

At the request of the Committee, China ENFI hosted a special seminar on gas bottom blowing copper smelting technology during the Conference. The committee specially invited more than 30 renowned copper smelting experts to attend the meeting and hold a discussion. At the meeting, the technicians of China ENFI made a detailed explanation by surrounding the basic theory, history of research and development, current situation of the application and development trends of gas bottom blowing copper smelting technology, application and practices of double bottom blowing continuous copper smelting technique, and treatment of materials with rich arsenic content, giving the personnel of the industry a further understanding of the industrial primacy and international competence of gas bottom blowing copper smelting technology.

At present, 'China's copper industry influences the world' has become an incontrovertible fact. Because of this, China's delegation received high attention at the meeting. As a leading enterprise, China ENFI also undertook the organization of China's delegation. It was highly praised by representatives of IOC and the Copper 2016 Committee. By attending the meeting, China ENFI shared its development ideas with the personnel of the industry, exchanged its innovative achievements, and sang 'The Voice of China' and 'The Voice of ENFI'. Taking this as assistance, China ENFI will continue to strongly carry out research and development practices, speed up the promotion of industrial technical progress and industrial upgrading, and make unremitting efforts to advance the green and sustainable development of the copper industry.