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Official Establishment of the MCC CCP Party School
CopyFrom:MCC Date:06 January 2016
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To strictly comply with and comprehensively carry out the requirements of managing the Party, and to raise the training and education of Party members to the next level, the MCC Group closely followed steps of the central Party and became the first to establish the MCC CCP Party School. It will be the 'main front' and 'main channel' for promoting the political accomplishments of MCC Party members and cadres and tempering their Party spirit, bearing the mission and important responsibility of cultivating good Party members and cadres in the MCC Group who are impregnable, studious, and have sufficient courage to undertake their responsibilities with an unswerving style.

The establishment of this Party School represents the dawning of a new and historic stage in the education of the MCC Group's Party members and cadres, and stands as an important measure for carrying out the central Party's requirements of comprehensively and strictly managing the Party, and the internal requirements of creating the world's largest, strongest and best 'National Team' in metallurgical construction and operation services. It also represents the most effective route to enhancing the education and training of Party members and cadres and an important strategy for improving the scientific level of the Group's Party building work. The training objects of the Party School are intended for all Party members of the Group, mainly focusing on members of the leadership group of the enterprise, reserve cadres and cadres at the position of department deputy director of the functional departments of the Headquarters. Taking the periodic training and special training of Party members and cadres as its major purpose, the Party School will combine internal training with external committees to establish the four teaching bases of CERI, WISDRI, ACRE and Shanghai Baoye, thereby making a further extension and enrichment of teaching channels with the MCC Group’s features and promoting the reform and innovation of the educational training modes for Party members and cadres.

In accordance with the functional position of a 'trinity', the Party School will focus on training leading cadres and young and middle-aged cadres among Party members in order to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of Party spirit education, focusing on strengthening faith in the ideal, the sense of mission and the improvement of style in order to enhance the Party spirit among leading cadres. It also aims to train Party workers in the system to enhance the ability and promote the quality of Party cadres so as to build a Party workers team with 'strong Party spirit, perfect business, correct style and great image', carry out investigations around the enterprise's new situations and new problems of Party building work and enhance research into problems of overarching importance, strategies and foresight in the reform development of the enterprise, helping to promote the Party building theory, practice and innovation of the enterprise. The School will carry out publicity of the route, orientation and policy of the Party and the important strategies and decisions of the MCC Party Committee, enhancing cooperation and communication with ministries, commissions, colleges, universities and research institutions in order to provide intellectual support for the reform and development of the enterprise and build a strong position for ideological and political work in the establishment of a 'Beautiful MCC'. MCC will insist on managing the school strictly and running it in accordance with high standards of scientific development so as to constantly improve its management level and make consistent efforts to cultivate a sound study ethos.