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First Overseas Export and Operation of 7-meter Large-capacity Coking Technology Developed by ACRE
CopyFrom:MCC Date:01 December 2015
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In the afternoon of November 27th, the No.1 coke oven at the Vietnam Ha Tinh Steel Newly-built Coking Project of Formosa Plastics, an oven that designed and supplied by ACRE and constructed by MCC20 and MCC5, was successfully put into operation, marking the first overseas export and successful operation of ACRE's 7-meter large-capacity coking technology as well as the first successful operation of a large-scale modernized coke oven in Vietnam.

Located in Yong’an Economic Zone of Vietnam's Ha Tinh Province, this project was implemented in two stages. ACRE was responsible for the contents of Stage I, as well as taking overall consideration of the general layout, process planning and device configurations, conducting the layout once and implementing it in steps. The construction contents of Stage I included 4 new JNX3-70-2-type complex thermal coke ovens with 7-meter high coking chambers, a newly developed achievement of ACRE for which the Company possesses independent intellectual property rights. The furnace binding included multiple items of advanced and mature coking oven thermal technologies such as the checker chamber divisions to supply mixed gas and air into the combustion chambers in three stages. In respect of the design, it adopted a data analog simulation platform for auxiliary optimization, which increased the heating uniformity both in the vertical and horizontal directions of the furnace body as well as temperature control accuracy of the furnace roof and effectively reduced NOx content in the exhaust gas. In respect of process innovation, it adopts the newly-developed 8 hydraulic cylinder switching system supported by the furnace end to add heating and forced air purge systems, and achieves automatic heating mediums switching between coke oven gas and mixed gas, fundamentally solving the problem of the excessively low temperature of flame paths in the furnace end, effectively controlling the phenomenon of CO peak values in fuel gas emissions, and improving the production stability and environmental character of the furnace.

ACRE is a holding subsidiary of MCC Group and the leading enterprise in the first echelon of MCC in the creation of the world's largest, strongest and best 'National Team' in metallurgical construction and operation services. And its business areas cover coking chemistry, refractory materials, limes, municipal construction, environmental engineering, automatic control and so on. It can provide all-round services in the engineering construction, operation and maintenance areas of engineering technology consulting, design, supervision, device kits, EPC, etc. At the same time, ACRE is also a State-identified enterprise technology center.