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Shanghai Baoye Construction Group Corp. Incepted
CopyFrom:MCC Date:30 March 2010
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Shanghai Baoye Construction Corp., Ltd. (SBC-MCC) was renamed Shanghai Baoye Construction Group Corp. on March 17, 2010.
The inception of SBC-MCC Group marked a brand new era in its own development history. After years of operation and growth, SBC-MCC has thoroughly remoulded itself from the previous metallurgical engineering EPC enterprise into a conglomerate, which is engaged in four core business sectors such as EPC, steel structure & equipment manufacturing, maintenance & reparation, and real estate development. Now an integrated management mode has been set up within SBC-MCC, under the headquarter of which there are specific subsidiaries in variety of sectors. At present, there are 12 professional subsidiaries, 6 regional subsidiaries, 12 controlling subsidiaries and 6 share-holding subsidiaries.
The establishment of SBC-MCC Group is also a must for meeting the challenges after the global financial crisis. Against the serious impact caused to the substantial economy by the crisis, SBC-MCC undertook appropriate measures to balance the internal economic relationship, lay emphasis on project execution and fine management, as well as enhance the team cohesion. In 2009, the company hit a new record in terms of various economic and technical indicators, the operational performance was substantially improved, and the flexibility against the market variation and the risk-proof capability were greatly enhanced. As a matter of fact, all these achievements will lay a consolidated foundation for the inception of SBC-MCC Group. 
The establishment of SBC-MCC Group is also a result due to the sustainable business growth of and the accumulated economic benefits of the corporate. SBC-MCC is well know for its glorious history, leading industrial position, enriched culture and powerful professional strength. SBC-MCC has completed quite many landmark buildings for various industries all over the country, for instance: (i) metallurgical engineering works for Baosteel (including blast furnace, steel-making and steel-rolling facilities); (ii) convention center in Xiamen; (iii) stadiums and gymnasiums such as Nanjing Olympic Sports Center and Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest); (iv) high-rise steel structure such as ZhongRong Jasper Tower in Pudong of Shanghai; (v) real estate projects such as MCC Shangcheng; and (vi) municipal, electrical and water conservancy projects such as the works for Shanghai maglev train, Shanghai Guangdian Electronics Group, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center and Port of Beilun in Ningbo. All these projects have brought about over 100 national prizes for SBC-MCC, and thus enabled it to be one of the outstanding architectural enterprises of China.
In view of the continuous changed market conditions and the demand for corporate development, SBC-MCC Group has been intensifying efforts in further optimization of strategic development mode and management process. By enhancement of internal coordination, SBC-MCC Group is endeavoring to promote the sustainable growth of the corporate benefit and its overall market competitiveness.