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MCC CIE Holds Occupational Health and Safety First Aid Knowledge Training Lecture
CopyFrom: Date:28 November 2017
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  Ensuring the occupational health and safety of employees is a priority. On November 22nd, to popularize relevant knowledge concerning modern medical imaging and interventional therapy, and improve the safety awareness and self-rescue, first aid and mutual help ability of employees in emergency circumstances, MCC CIE specially invited Director Li Ping and Professor Hao Xiaoyuan from the First Affiliated Hospital of the Hunan University of Chinese Medicine to give a first aid knowledge education lecture.

  The lecturers conducted their lecture with a combination of PPT teaching and practical operation, systematically interpreted the pathology, symptoms and essential resuscitation techniques of acute cardiovascular disease, and specifically taught the attendees how to adjust the body position, open the airway and judge the breath, and perform artificial respiration, closed cardiac message and other emergency treatments. With the guidance of the experts, all the attendees practiced, seriously conducted a field drill and mastered cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques.

  Through this training, the employees learned more about the professional knowledge of modern medical imaging and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, grasped basic first-aid methods and skills, and enhanced their awareness of occupational health and safety. It is set to play a promotional role in protecting the occupational health and safety of employees.