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MCC NETC’s BIM Cloud Platform Sharing Technology Achieves First Field Application
CopyFrom:MCC Date:11 April 2017
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  On April 9th, the field design check of the Sino Iron Mine Dressing Plant 1-6 Line New High Pressure Terrace Washing System Detailed Design Project was entirely completed. Different from the past, this field check system uses the cloud platform sharing technology created by BIM Studio to download design models to mobile terminals, thereby achieving ‘field with models’ for the first time, which not only increases the accuracy of checking but greatly saves working time. It originally took three months to perform the check, but the application of this cloud platform sharing technology has reduced that duration to one month.

  Through co-designed platforms (such as the Bentley platform), BIM cloud platform sharing technology builds digital information models to collect the information, drawings and models of construction, thereby achieving the exchange of information and the solving of problems. In July 2016, BIM Studio successfully accomplishes the development of cloud technology and creates a sharing cloud server to provide cloud sharing services for designers, in this way achieving the sharing of design information with different hardware devices (such as iPads) on the Bentley platform.

  In the field checks of the past, the designers can only base their checking on planar graphs. As planar graphs lack the third dimension, include insufficiently detailed descriptions and other problems, it was inefficient and time-consuming to check the site, and many kinds of interference and collision could not be detected as a result. ‘Field with models’ can not only allow a comparison of details that cannot be embodied in a planar graph, completely solving the collision problem and reducing the material loss caused by potential reworking, but also improve work efficiency to ensure the quality and safety of the design.

  With the rapid development of computer science and technology, the arising and application of BIM technology is making great changes to traditional design methods and production modes. Through BIM cloud platform sharing technology, collision problems can be found directly so as to determine an accurate construction sequence; the collaborative management and resource sharing of construction parties can be achieved so as to increase communication efficiency; and field data can be collected by mobile terminals so as to allow the timely statistical management of mass defects and security data information related to the BIM model under construction and after construction. Combining high-tech with traditional management, BIM cloud platform sharing technology makes reasonable use of resources to the maximum extent, provides great value in the management of the whole process of a project, and is well worthy of further development and applying.