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CFMCC Malaysia Branch Conducts Occupational Safety and Health Training
CopyFrom:MCC Date:10 April 2017
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  On April 5th, the CFMCC Group’s Overseas Malaysia Branch invited professional safety trainers from CIDB to conduct occupational safety and health training.

  According to the relevant Malaysian regulations concerning the safety of construction sites, personnel who enter construction sites need to obtain a work permit (also called a ‘green card’) through staff registration and identification so that on-site staff can realize standard and civilized construction, as well as to ensure a safe environment on the construction sites. It is necessary to pass the professional training organized by CIDB to obtain this ‘green card’. The Malaysia Branch specially invited trainers from CIDB to conduct training in order for the staff to learn basic knowledge regarding occupational safety and health in a systematic and professional way. During the training, the staff earnestly studied the relevant courses, and then the staff and trainers discussed the existing differences between China and Malaysia in such aspects as safety policies and measures.

  The whole training was completed successfully in a harmonious atmosphere. Each trainee obtained a temporary permit signed by the trainers. Through this training, the staff strengthened their safety awareness, consolidated their safety knowledge, improved their sense of social responsibility and gained a deeper understanding of the safety regulations of local construction projects, which will exert a positive influence on the company’s production safety.