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MCC19 Carries Out Fire Emergency Drill in Papua New Guinea
CopyFrom:MCC Date:10 April 2017
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  In the afternoon of April 4th, the MCC19 Group organized and carried out a fire emergency drill in Papua New Guinea in order to prevent and minimize the impact of emergency fires on the safety of construction sites and the environment. Several PNG-based safety staff members, construction technicians and managerial personnel of the company took part in the drill.

  The scenario of this drill involved a fire breaking out in the area surrounding the camp material store yards in Madang Province of Papua New Guinea. It was discovered by local staff who promptly informed the person in charge of fire control that an emergency fire rescue was required. After Chen Baokang, the person in charge of fire control, hastened to the scene at the first opportunity to assess the status of the fire, he immediately asked the project manager to launch the emergency preparedness plan. After that, each staff member arrived at their designated operation positions to carry out rescue operations according to the emergency preparations and corresponding requirements of the control programs in the preparedness plan. Both the Chinese and local staff cooperated fully with each other in conducting the fire-extinguishing procedures, including operating the emergency generator, starting the fire pump, pulling the fire hose and using adjacent fire extinguishers in an intense but orderly manner. Finally, the serious fire was put out successfully in less than 15 minutes.

  This drill not only acquainted participants with all the processes and treatments involved in launching the emergency preparedness plan, but also tested the plan compiled by MCC19 for foreign companies in such countries as Papua New Guinea, which has strong operability and practicability for overseas companies and foreign engineering projects in dealing with emergency fires.