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MCC17 Holds Security Management Training for 34 Projects in Wanbei District
CopyFrom:MCC Date:30 March 2017
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  From March 25th to 26th, in consideration of the characteristics of many spots, wide range and short time limit for the construction of projects in Wanbei District, the MCC17 Group conducted security management training for those projects.

  The training was participated in by the chief engineers, security managers, full-time security supervisors and section heads of various secondary enterprises involved in projects under construction in 34 cities including Suzhou, Bengbu, Bozhou, Huai’nan, Huaibei and so on, amounting to 107 people. MCC17 Vice General Manager Wu Changguo was present at the opening of the training event and fully affirmed the significance of the training. He also emphasized the hard-won achievements of this large-scale training opportunity, and encouraged the participating personnel to study earnestly and apply their knowledge to the security management of projects. Their guidance of practical work can lift security management to a new level.

  In recent years, many projects have been concentrated in Anhui Province, and most of them moved into the intensive work stage one after the other. Based on the principles of ‘safety first’ and ‘people-oriented’, MCC17 decided to organize and conduct this educational training activity. They invited security professors from MCC’s Quality and Environmental Protection Department and the security station of Ma’anshan City, Anhui Province. The professors analyzed and elaborated on the procedures for the use of educational boxes for security training, the major problems in construction security, security responsibilities, emergency management, the accident investigation and handling of enterprises, various project departments, typical cases and so on. Security Supervision Section Head Shi Huagang promoted MCC17’s Implementation of Ten Security Regulations in 2017. The training also provided a systematic explanation in such aspects as the speculative knowledge of security management, management difficulties on construction sites and their corresponding solutions, emergency rescue management, etc. The explanation methods ranged from the elementary to the profound, and from the theoretical to the practical, and were greatly beneficial to the trainees. At the end of the course, all the participants were assessed by an examination.

  MCC17 will continue to enhance the level of its security training and education. With the method of educating the personnel on site and the assistance of security education, the entire security management level of MCC17 will be raised to a higher level, thus ensuring the sustained and healthy development of the Group.