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MCC20 Conducts Foundation Pit Collapse Emergency Rescue Drill at CGN Mansion Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:30 March 2017
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  In the morning of March 27th, the MCC20 Group’s CGN Mansion Project Department, construction units, management corporations and supervising units jointly carried out an emergency rescue drill revolving around a foundation pit collapse.

  The rescue drill simulated a scenario on the construction site in which the on-site safety supervisors called for the immediate cessation of operations and organized the personnel to evacuate after a sudden collapse accident occurred in the construction process. The safety supervisors rapidly reported the situation to the overall command of the accident emergency rescue department. After receiving the accident report, the general commander immediately issued an order to start the emergency rescue plan, and led the emergency rescue team to carry out rescue activities in accordance with the pre-arranged planning. During the process of the exercise, once the emergency rescue team received the rescue command, it conducted rescue activities with a division of labor according to the emergency pre-arranged planning for foundation pit collapse. The security alert team immediately established a security isolation zone at the accident site, then evacuated the personnel; the quick-response accident and emergency rescue team fetched shovels, stretchers and other equipment for on-site rescue; and the injured party rescue team rushed over with a first aid kit to treat the injured worker on the site. The various emergency teams under the coordination and direction of the overall command department displayed rapid reactions and scientific rescue methods. In the end, the emergency foundation pit collapse rescue drill obtained complete success.

  This emergency rescue drill not only enhanced the emergency rescue level of the Project Department in precautions and handling measures concerning collapse accidents, but also tested the ability of all of its teams in terms of ‘fast reaction, cooperation between various teams, professional safeguards, joint handling, accident investigation and handling, and aftermath handling.