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CFMCC Holds 2017 Safety System Business Training
CopyFrom:MCC Date:20 February 2017
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  From February 13th to 15th, CFMCC held itssafety system business training. It was attended by over 220 persons in total, including principals of safety departments, directors of safety supervision stations and grass-roots safety officers ofvarious units, as well as the safety managers of certainsubcontracting units.

  Duringthe training, in combinationwith typical accident cases, the trainees attendeda special subject lesson focusing onthe safe, civilized and standardized management of municipal engineering; the safe, civilized and standardized management of civil engineering scaffolds (including formwork) and safety check practices; the safe, civilized and standardized management of metallurgical engineering, construction power safety check practices, hoisting equipment and hoisting safety check practices; and the safe, civilized and standardized management of road, bridge and tunnel engineering, usage of safety training tool kits and so on. They also took part in an on-the-spot examination in two groups.

  CFMCC required all units to further strengthen their safety concepts, promote the safety consciousness of the entire staffand formasafety supervision culture of observing 'not being lazy, pretending to be an expert and being calculating' and 'four concentrations' when handling work; specifically, pay attention to safety work, attentively identify hidden dangers on the site, attend to solving safety management difficulties and have the determination to firmly stop onsite violations. This training helped to further sort out the safety managementduties ofall posts, strengthen safe, civilized and standardized construction consciousness, and promote the comprehensive quality of the safety staff, which lays a good foundation for ensuring the safe and steady development of the CFMCC Group’s enterprises.