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MCC Project Departments Actively Carry Out Post-festival Return-to-Work Major Safety Inspections
CopyFrom:MCC Date:20 February 2017
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  From February 6th to February 14th, MCC's project departments actively carried out major return-to-work safety inspections. As ofFebruary 14th, over 20 project departments and project teams of MCC have conducted major inspections for return-to-work safety after the festival.

  The project departments of MCC'sSteel Structure Companywith projects under construction returned to work in succession. To ensure a steady firefighting safety situation at the construction sites, the Steel Structure Company’s Armed Security Department, Safety Supervision and Management Department and other functional departments implemented supervision and inspection deeply at eachconstruction site.

  The Youth Quality Supervision Posts of thePan County Hongguo Economic Development Zone Shantytown TransformationEngineering Project’s MCC Project Manager Department carried out a major inspection for return-to-work safety and quality after the Spring Festival. They conducted a major return-to-work inspection in collaborationwith the general contracting unit, including potential safety hazard troubleshooting on the construction site, mechanical checking in the machining region and temporary power inspection. After a floor-by-floor inspection ofBuildings A and B, such potential safety hazards as incomplete dense screens, loose outrigger connecting tubes and falling blanket nets were discovered, and the relevant personnel were notifiedto implement repairing and reinforcement. In addition, the field distribution boxes were inspected one by one andfound to be operated smoothly. The warehouse materials were also checked.

  Through the post-festival 'concentration meeting', the project departments took several measures such as making overall arrangements for safety work, implementing a series of potential hidden risk checks, providing timely safety education for project managers and onsite constructors, and conducting safety disclosure work among different posts, so as to ensure that the post-festival safety production work couldbe carried out in an orderly way.