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WSGRI Convenes2017 Safety ProductionWorking Meeting
CopyFrom:MCC Date:20 February 2017
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  In the morning of February 13th, WSGRI convened its 2017 Safety Production Working Meeting. It was presided over by WSGRI Chief Engineer Wan Kaijun and attended by over 50 persons in total, including members of theWSGRI Safety Committee, main principals from party organizations of units and chief engineers from various secondary production and management units.

  At the meeting, WSGRI Chairman, Party Committee Secretary and Safety Committee Director Zhu Xiaoyou emphasized two points: first, the specialized companies and regional companies should find the right safety production work path regarding five business sectorsand pay attention to methods; and second, since responsibility implementation is the emphasis of safety production work, the units at all levels should promote the safety consciousness and practically perform their safety production responsibilities.

  WSGRI General Manager and Safety Committee Executive Deputy Director Hu Chunqing reviewedthe safety production work of2016 and determined five safety production workgoals for2017: first, realize no safety orqualityaccidents; second, carry out full coverage of standardized building site construction; third, substantiallylaunch the safety managementwork ofoverseas projects; fourth, establish risk standards and do more concrete planning work; and fifth, strictly implement the accident handling and communication system, and hand downtimely punishments. As for the safety production work of2017, he also stressed four points: first, deepen the understanding of safety production; second, pay close attention to safety production, strengthen safety management and enhance the essential safety level; third, take many measures concurrently to form a situationin which everyone is safe,promote the capacity of management and control, continuously strengthen training and standardized demonstration, popularization and application, ensurethat everyone has theirown responsibilities and the process is appropriately supervised, improve the implementation efficiency of supervision and system administration and increase penalties so as to quickly establishdeterrence; and fourth, placeemphasis on cultural cultivation and developgood habits.

  At the meeting, WSGRI Chairman and Party Committee Secretary Zhu Xiaoyou and Chief Engineer Wan Kaijun respectively granted certificatesto units and individuals honored as'MCC Safety Standardized Construction Site of 2016' and 'MCC Safety Production ManagementAdvanced Individuals of 2016' respectively. The winning units and individuals separately shared their experience, and the geotechnical engineering companies heldan experience exchange regarding the safety production work offoundation pit engineering.

  WSGRI Deputy Chief Engineerand Safety Quality Management Department Director Huang Tao presented theWSGRI Safety Production Work Report 2017, pointing out that WSGRI’s safety production work in 2017 will focus on the following seven aspects: first, improve the safety production responsibility system; second, perfect the safety production rules, regulations and operation specifications; third, strengthen safety education, training and examination; fourth, promote and standardize safety production input; fifth, enhance the frequency and intensity of safety inspections; sixth, perfect the safety production emergency rescue plan; and seventh, normalize safety production accidentreporting and strictly prohibit concealing and failing to reportaccidents.