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CIE Holds 2017 Special Safety Production Session
CopyFrom:MCC Date:13 February 2017
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  On February 9th, hosted by CIE General Manager He Guoqiang, CIE held its 2017 safety production special session. CIE Party Secretary, Chairman and Safety Committee Director Yi Shuguang attended the session and gave a keynote speech.

  At the session, the Safety Production Department gave a relatively comprehensive safety production lecture, reported on the 2016 MCC Safety Production Training Seminar and CIE's safety situationin2016, and introduced the relevant national safety production laws, regulations and documents, as well asthe key safety production work of Minmetals and MCC in 2016. The session also honored MCC's safe and civilized standard workshops and advanced safety production individuals of 2016, and deployed the safety production workfor the year ahead.

  In his speech, He Guoqiangconveyed the important spirits of the Safety Production Training Seminar, then stressedthree requirements: first, improve the safety production responsibility system and fully implement safety production responsibility according to the related requirements; second, perfect the safety production management system, decompose and implement the safety production goals, pay attention to hidden dangers, strengthen safety supervision, effectively examine and practice the construction scheme, and fully complete the daily safety management work; and third, prevent unauthorized persons from entering the construction site, and ensure that they are clearly informedabout the safety notes.

  Yi Shuguangfully affirmed the importance and necessity of the session, and conveyed once again the important spirits of the 2017 MCC Safety Production Video Conference. During the session, he confirmed the members of the safety production committee and established and perfected the safety production committees and safety production work groups of related branches and subsidiaries. He also pointed out that they should first implement the safety responsibility list and carry out the safety production entity responsibilities according to the general requirements of ‘same responsibilities for theParty and government, two duties for one post, joint management and negligence liability’; second, carefully hold safety sharingactivities; third, complete the safety production work seriously, strengthen safety production training, hidden danger identification and governance, and fulfill the accident liability investigation mechanism; and fourth, improve the safety duty performance abilities of main contractors and complete the effective supervision of subcontractors.

  The session was attendedby CIE leaders, all members of the safety production committee, functional departments, professional branch institutes,principals and project managers of branches and subsidiaries, personnel of the safety production department and other relevant persons.