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CTMCC Passes AISC System Certification Audit
CopyFrom:MCC Date:20 January 2017
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On January 13th, with superior product quality and a strict supervision and administration system, CTMCC passed the fourth annual audit of AISC system certification.

The AISC Standard is one of the most recognized steel structure certification standards in the world, and the ‘pass card’ of overseas market development. Established by AISC in 1921, it is a Chicago-based non-profit technology and trade association which serves steel structure design, manufacturing and construction. The task of AISC is to make steel structure preferred through its leadership position in the technical service and market development activities related to steel structure. The AISC quality certification procedure can serve as a quality pretrial system for steel structure manufacturers, the purpose of which is to ensure that the construction industry evaluates the personnel, organizations, experience, procedures, knowledge, equipment, ability and commitment of certain steel structure manufacturer, thereby guaranteeing that certified enterprises can produce prefabricated steel structure which complies with the corresponding steel structure quality certification level.