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MCCT Convenes 2017 Safety Work Meeting
CopyFrom:MCC Date:20 January 2017
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In the morning of January 13th, MCCT convened the 2017 Safety Work Meeting. General Manager Wang Jicheng conveyed the spirit of the important speech of Party Secretary and President Zou Jianhui, the work report of China Minmetals and the MCC Group, and the MCC 2017 Safety Production Work Video Meeting.

Wang Jicheng conveyed the four requirements raised by MCC Group Party Deputy Secretary and MCC President Zhang Mengxing and the work report on 2017 annual safety production made by MCC Group Standing Committee Member and MCC Vice President Wang Yongguang. Based on his personal experience of years of mine safety production work, he also focused on the explanation and interpretation of meeting requirements, and used several mine production accidents as warning examples.

MCCT Party Secretary and President Zou Jianhui delivered an important speech on the in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the MCC Group’s 2017 Safety Production Work Meeting and the requirements of the leaders, as well as the accomplishment of safety work in 2017.

Zou Jianhui stressed several points: first, the general requirements of ‘responsibilities shared by Party and government, and two responsibilities for one post’ should be implemented firmly. According to the Rules for the Implementation of the MCC Group and MCC’s Safety and Environmental Accident Accountability, the rules for the implementation of MCCT’s safety and environmental accident accountability should be promptly prepared and implemented so as to establish safety responsibility. Second, safety risk points should be strictly controlled to improve work quality and efficiency. Much work remains for safety risk post classification. After the completion of post classification, the safety principals of all posts and specific examination content should be determined, and risk control should be implemented prior to safety accidents. Third, safety awareness should be embedded into the enterprise value ideas. Safety propagation and educational training should be enlarged, such safety training activities as safety skills competitions and safety emergency drills should be actively carried out, and enthusiasm for safety production should be fully aroused in the front line workers. Fourth, the requirements of safety production work in 2017 should be implemented, the safety production responsibilities of the subsidiary company should be refined and implemented for specific principals, and a list of corresponding safety production responsibilities should be prepared. The leaders of the subsidiary company and departments, principals of workshop teams and frontline workers should sign the safety production agreement level by level, and specify the responsibilities of safety production at different levels. The Safety & Quality Department will continue visit production sites for safety inspections, and ensure the implementation of the safety production requirements of the MCC Group and MCCT.

MCCT Vice President Yan Guofu hosted the meeting and made a safety work report themed ‘Taking people as the center, intensifying entity responsibility and promoting the level of safety control’ on behalf of the company.

The meeting was attended by MCCT leaders, all members of the Safety Production Committee and the principals of all departments.