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MCC19 Strengthens Overseas Construction Security Protection During Christmas
CopyFrom:MCC Date:23 December 2016
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On December 20th, the MCC19 Group strengthened the construction security of overseas institutions and project departments during Christmas.

With the approach of Christmas, the public orders of Papua New Guinea, Namibia, Algeria and Peru have becoming increasingly perilous and serious. To ensure the security of the lives and property of all overseas institutions and project department staff during the festival, maintain the company’s overseas interests and ensure the smooth completion of the annual safety production index, MCC19 has required security protection to be practically strengthened during the festival, and relevant security management measures developed. First, pay close attention to the related reports of local media and the security tips of such concerned departments as the police, reduce unnecessary trips out of the project sites, and try to avoid crowded places. Second, pay close attention to the ambient conditions when going out, look for any abnormal phenomena and try to avoid places with poor security or potential risks. Third, keep an eye on suspicious individuals around you to avoid being followed or trailed, and keep a safe distance from strangers. Fourth, carry a cell phone and emergency contact channel; in case of emergencies or accidents, remain calm and promptly dial the emergency number or embassy for help. Fifth, initiate the related contingency plan; when leaving in case of emergencies, remain calm, follow orders and act quickly to ensure prompt evacuation. Finally, follow the above measures to ensure a safe and peaceful Christmas.