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Shanghai Baoye Wins Many Awards for National Security Civilization and Green Construction Demonstration Projects
CopyFrom:MCC Date:12 December 2016
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The China Construction Industry Association recently held an experience exchange meeting for the national construction industry AAA safety civilization standard and green construction in Hefei, Beijing and Tianjin. At the meeting, the Shanghai Baoye Group won many medals and certificates for its national security civilization and green construction demonstration projects.

The four main parts of Shanghai Baoye's Shanghai Disney Park Section GC-5 Project won the AAA safety civilization standardized construction site award issued by the China Construction Industry Association. Certificates of Honor for green construction demonstration projects awarded by the China Construction Industry Association were gained by the Luodian Large-scale Living Community Economically Affordable Housing Phase I Project, the Nanjing Hexi General Hospital Project, the Nanjing Foreign Language School Hexi Branch Campus Construction Project and the Yangzhou Sports Park Stadium Project. Medals for the 'Fifth Batch of National Construction Industry Green Construction Demonstration Projects’ were gained by the Shenzhen University Xili Campus Construction (Phase I) Section II Project, the Anhui Science Museum Project and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) Phase I (Lower Garden) Section II Project.

In recent years, Shanghai Baoye has conducted active promotion and taken the initiative to develop national security civilization and green construction demonstration projects. It clearly sets its green construction goals through declaration and improves the technical management level of its green construction through the process of inspections by experts from the Association. Two projects successively won national ‘AAA safety Civilization Standardized Construction Site’ awards. Twelve projects were successfully declared ‘Demonstration Projects for Green Construction in the National Construction Industry’. Four projects passed their completion acceptance with good grades in the reviews of experts from the Association. The China Construction Industry Association’s Green Construction Branch also held exchanges concerning the innovative technology of green construction in the Central Business District of Shizimen, Zhuhai in April 2016. This a great affirmation of the Shanghai Baoye Group's safe, green and civilized construction.