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MCC19 Passes On-site Supervision Audit of Three-Standard Integration Management System
CopyFrom:MCC Date:31 October 2016
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In the afternoon of October 28th, the MCC19 Group held the closing meeting of the three-standard integration external auditing of 2016. The Auditing Group from China Certification & Inspection Group Sichuan Co., Ltd. announced that MCC19 had smoothly passed the on-site supervision auditing of the management system.

In this audit, an auditing panel consisting of eight experts from China Certification & Inspection Group Sichuan Co., Ltd. conducted an in-depth examination of the municipal administration, housing construction and steel structure plate production of MCC19, as well as its company quality, the establishment of its environment management system and its operational situation, and carried out discussions of existing problems in the management system. Following their examinations, the auditing experts concluded that MCC19 attaches great importance to building a management system with high quality and a strong environmental consciousness. The management system can ensure the realization of policies and objectives. It has obtained certain performance in the implementation of the system, and corrected some nonconforming terms occurring in the process. In accordance with the auditing requirements and standards, the auditing experts offered MCC19 four nonconformities, and recommended continuously using the certificate.

At the meeting, MCC19 General Manager Ou Chenghua made a series of requirements: first, all units should immediately and successively rectify and reform the problems identified in the auditing process; those units without selective examination should also make serious inspections in accordance with the problem list so as to cover all the rectification work. Second, the company’s three-standard integration management should be strengthened through auditing; we should achieve continuous improvement and realize standard management so as to attain the goal of fine management. Third, we should strengthen management communication, effectively promote management experience and do a good job of copying the management mode. Fourth, we should strengthen education, make continuous innovations and adopt the requirements of enterprise management under the new situation through innovation. Fifth, we should further strengthen the internal audit work of three-standard integration, detect and correct problems in time, and conduct dynamic management.