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MCC Guizhou Branch Company Organizes Quality Safety Management Training
CopyFrom:MCC Date:24 October 2016
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From October 19th to 21st, the MCC Guizhou Branch Company's Sanli Expressway Project Department organized and developed a quality safety management propagation and implement training activity. Eight experts including Guizhou Traffic Construction Project Quality Supervision Bureau Chief Xu Aijun were invited to give lectures at the site. A total of 131 staff from the Guizhou Sanli Expressway Project Company participated in the training.

Over three days of training, the training experts made professional and detailed analyses of tunnel engineering, bridge engineering, pavement engineering, road engineering, special equipment, test detection, safe construction sites, legal documents, regulations & rules and supervision requirements. In the afternoon of the 21st, the staff sat a training exam.

Through this training, the Sanli Expressway Project staff participating in construction studied and mastered quality and safety management knowledge, boosted their awareness of quality and safety, and promoted their understanding and cognition of Guizhou Province's related safety quality management regulations and rules.

As a part of Guizhou's '678' Expressway Network Highway Plan's 'Eighth Link', Sanli Expressway is a project required to speed up its construction in a document issued by the Guizhou Provincial Government. It has a length of 75.72 km and a total investment of RMB 9 billion. The highway site, mixing station, steel processing plant and other temporary facilities have recently been completed, with a red land total of 81.66%, a total service road construction completion of 57.89%, and a stable supply of such resources as rebar, concrete and other large materials, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent production.