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Shanghai Work Safety Association Leaders Visit Shanghai Baoye for Exchange
CopyFrom:MCC Date:24 October 2016
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On October 19th, a delegation led by Shanghai Work Safety Association Chairman Zhang Shengjun and Secretary General Wang Sheng visited the Shanghai Baoye Group for an exchange. Shanghai Baoye President Chen Gang and Deputy General Manager Yue Wenyan met the honored guests with hospitality, and both parties then conducted a cordial and friendly exchange.

During the exchange, the leaders of the Safety Production Supervision Management Department and Trade Union separately introduced the study and application of Baoye's BIM technology in safety management, and the remarkable effects achieved for safety work by the 'An Kang Cup' activity, 'Hidden dangers are found by everyone - take photos readily on site' activity, occupational health examinations and 'Labor for making contributions' competition.

Zhang Shengjun affirmed the safety production work of Shanghai Baoye in recent years, and introduced the work conditions of the Association in detail. He pointed out that the Association will integrate various sources of Shanghai's safety experts, safety training, and safety science and technology to support the further enhancement of the Enterprise's safety production service ability.

Chen Gang said that as Shanghai's safety production source center and information center, the Association can better promote the expansion of safety production technology fields and safety production management concepts. Shanghai Baoye will base itself on the platform of the Association, continue to strengthen its safety work, go deep into the fields of municipal projects and overseas safety projects in production, and enhance the practicality and detail of its safety production work.