CRIBC’s Independently Researched and Developed Geotechnology Reaches International Advanced Level
CopyFrom: Date:30 November 2017
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  On November 27th, independently researched and developed by the CRIBC Geotechnical Engineering Branch Company, ‘short spiral soil-squeezing filing pipe complete technology equipment and industrialization’ passed its scientific and technological achievement appraisal organized by the MCC Group. According to the experts, this achievement reaches the international advanced level. In addition, ‘short spiral extruded-expanded drilling tool of core technology able to pass earthflow with variable length’ and ‘two-way soil-squeezing construction method’ also reached the international advanced level.

  Aiming at short spiral soil-squeezing filling pile technology equipment and the engineering technology difficulties existing in its design and construction, the project team spent 6 years jointly tackling the key problems, broke many key technology bottlenecks, fully grasped the basic theories of short spiral soil-squeezing filing pile technology, core technology and key process, and successfully researched the core drilling tool, key equipment and new combined-type construction method for short spiral soil-squeezing filing pile construction. It has put forward two calculation ways, compiled 3 items of provincial technology standards, won 6 authorized invention patents and one ministerial construction method, released 20 domestic and foreign papers, and constructed the short spiral soil-squeezing filing pile technology and equipment system.

  The project team has conducted the market transformation of its scientific and technological achievements through the patent model, formed a new production force, publicized it among 18 provinces and cities, and completed over 200 short spiral soil-squeezing filing pile projects, thereby generating huge economic and social benefits.