MCC BaosteelTechnology’sIndependently DesignedHydraulic Pipeline Rinsing Table BoostsEnvironment-friendlyVehicle Manufacturing
CopyFrom:MCC Date:20 February 2017
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  After nearly a month ofconception,designand on-site discussion, as of January 17th, the project team led by Ke Youjin, an expert fromtheSpecial Vehicle Plant of MCC Baosteel Technology's Heavy Machinery Branch Company, successfully completed the design of ahydraulic pipeline rinsing table, and formed a general drawing of the complete structure. This means that the table is soon to be put into overall manufacturing.

  Such multi-vehicle types as slag pot carriers and molten iron cars made by the Company’s special vehicle plant are densely covered with pipelines. Over 240 hard tubes and flexible tubes are distributed in a crisscross way on every vehicle to transport liquid all over thevehicle and guarantee the power output. Formerly, the interiors of the pipelines wereflushed artificially, but since artificial flushing cannotform a loop and remove all the impurities in the pipelines, the cleanliness of hydraulic pipelines was affected, and a large amountof manual work wasconsumed. The pipeline rinsing table hasa concise design and strong functions. Threefilter elements and threefuel tank oil scavengers are used for circulatory cleaning, no O-shaped ring is needed, a 20°coneis used for sealing and large flow and low pressure are adopted to guarantee the unblocking of oil ways, thereby greatly enhancing the cleanliness of the system, ensuring that there areno impurities in the oil ways and optimizingtherealization effects of every movement of the vehicles. The table can not only save many manual labor hours but also promote effects,making itan important measure for realizingthe philosophy of environmentally-friendly vehicle manufacturing.