Stay True to the Mission and Move with Urgency – MCC Huatian Presents Many Highlights in the Scientific and Technological Works of 2016
CopyFrom:MCC Date:13 December 2016
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In 2016, MCC Huatian edited or participated in editing 17 National (Industry) Standards,including 13 National Standards (3 in editorship) and 4 Industrial Standards (2 in editorship). Its national standard editing amount this year is likely to be the company's highest.

In 2016, the patent declaration amount of MCC Huatian increased greatly. It came first among the Group’s subsidiary enterprises compared with 13th last year.

Now in 2016, MCC Huatianhas obtained the largest amount of provincial science and technology plan projects, and achieved the successful declaration of science and technology projects in Jiangsu Province for the first time.

In 2016, the centrifuge self-priming hybrid inverted-umbrella aerator independently created by MCC Huatian obtained the 18th Chinese Patent Excellence Award, achieving a breakthrough in national science and technology awardsafter twenty years;

In 2016, MCC Huatian built a platform of sci-tech innovation styled,'Six institutes, six research centers, two stations, one supporting organization and three testing bases'. The MCC Technology Institute of Water Environments and MCC Technology Institute of the Healthcare Industry entered into MCC Huatian.

In 2016, MCC Huatian'skey subject study on scientific research played an important role in market exploitation. After 'misalignment riverway governance, ecological restoration technology and equipment development' signed the RMB 0.8 billion Lai’anWater Environment Comprehensive Treatment PPP project, Huatian received anRMB 0.25 billion contract for the BowangRiverway Treatment Project andan RMB 3.4 billion contract for theMaanshanWater Environment Comprehensive Treatment Project, and is following up more than RMB 10 billion inriverwaytreatment projects.

MCC Huatian achieved great breakthroughs in science and technology in 2016 owing to the persistent pursuit and diligent research of its sci-tech personnel, the top-level design of its leaders, andits R&D concepts and subjects.

1. Top-level design leads scientific and technological innovation

The top-level design is the lucid exposition of an outline. At the beginning of 2016, based on a consideration of the status quo and future, MCC Huatian came up with 'fourfocusing, onedecreasing and oneoffsetting' to do a better job in all the works; that is,'focusing on market development, the introduction of top-level talents, design quality and debt-reclaiming of high-risk customer engineering, decreasing operation costs and offsetting the shortcomings of science and technology'. As for tech-oriented enterprises, talents are the key. The significant research results of MCC Huatianhas benefited from the introduction of top-level talents. MCC Huatian constantly optimized its sci-tech innovation resource allocation, deployed relative top-level talents to key parts, and continuously improved its initial innovation capability under the leadership ofsci-tech innovation leaders. In the six professional technology institutes of MCC Huatian, top-level talents have been introduced by the talent plan implemented in the past two years, and all the existing experts and technicians of MCC Huatianhave rapidly worked together to undertake scientific research &development projects according to the combination of R&D and market requirements, which urged the sci-tech works of this year to make great achievements and secure many high-quality and high-level R&D results. According to the planned deployment, the '21135' talent plan will be put into force with 200 doctors, 1,000 masters, 1,300 undergraduates and 500 junior college students, thereby continuing to achieve 'Starting a new undertaking and experiencing spanning development'.

In order to enter the Nanjing sci-tech 'Circle of Friends', MCC Huatian founded the Science Association in 2016 and established the first Committee for Science and Technology Association with Kang Chengyeas itsChairman. The close attention of leaders played an important role in conducting all the sci-tech works and cultivating innovation culture. In the first sci-tech innovation activity held by MCC Huatian, what impressed the writer most was that MCC Huatian organized relative professional R&D personnel to view the activity. After it was released on the Internet, many sci-tech people responded with enthusiasm beyond imagination, and the activity's quota was full in less than half an hour. In September, during the periodic inspection activities of key R&D projects undertaken by MCC Huatian, the leaders of the MCC Group thought highly of the enthusiasm of MCC Huatian’s employees for their work.

2. Advanced theoriesassistsci-tech innovation

As core member of MCC Huatian's intelligent high-speed stacker crane robot R&D team Doctor Shi Haijunsaid to the project leader WeiWei, "Explain all the questions with theories”. As for the R&D team which first developed the concept of industrial robots, many people asked questions and had no understandingof it. The theory must be analyzed in order to persuade others and obtain self-affirmation; just like the foundations of a high building, it requires broad research and technological analysis. R&D concepts based on theories instead of simple analysis and design constituted the direct reason why MCC Huatianwas able to achieve new breakthroughs in science and technology.

MCC Huatian Deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer Zhan Maohua said that scientific research workers have to start with the basic research of projects; MCC Huatianintroduced many talents of every specialty in the past two years to urge the R&D works to escape the simple design pattern of the past. In order to start research from the leading end of design - theory - it has to be completely understood; the guiding thought of'researching with theory'has made the R&D achievements of Huatianbecome popular.

If the bearing load of anall-purpose robot is 200kg, it has a considerable load, while the manipulator created by MCC Huatian has a 1-ton bearing load under normal working conditions. How can it be adaptedfor a huge load? How can precise actions beachieved every time? A new theory involves creating multiple sets of parallel robots to adapt the action and posture of the robots to the huge load, and achieve precise long thread location in a coordinated action way; it adoptsa suspended arm mechanical structure to greatly eliminate and make up for the gaps between moving components; the complete machine adopts a high-rigidity design, strictly controls the deformational displacement of components under bearing, and uses appropriate deformation as the basis of the mechanism's motion and location; the machine is regulated and controlled under the horizontal leading end to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the leading end's location during transferring; it also adopts original twin drive technology with journey compensation to obtainthe different and precise radix-minus-one complement deflection of the leading end of the manipulator under a wide range of specifications.

The intelligent high-speed stacker crane robot created by MCC Huatian achieves high-speed stacking with small loads and high-precision locations, thereby greatly improving the matching of rolling lines and the capacity of the finishing area, decreasing the labour intensity of workers, greatly improving production efficiency and packaging quality of fashioned iron, raising investment benefits and playing an important role in decreasing the costs, increasing the benefits and enhancing the market competitiveness of iron and steel enterprises. These achievements show the R&D strength of MCC Huatian, the first echelon of the MCC Group's'claviform materials' national team.

3. R&D subjects are blended with sci-tech innovation

In order to urge the effective transference of sci-tech achievements, MCC Huatian insists on sci-tech innovation based on market requirements, focuses on promptly transferring sci-tech achievements into productivity, aims at the frontiers, deeply integrates 'Internet +' technology, and builds a development pattern in which ferrous metallurgy, environmental energy, housing construction, municipal administration, engineering consultation and the healthcare industry connect all their information with the Internet. MCC Huatian starts its scientific research and development with the subject.

At the beginning of this year, the science and technology development department and the department responsible for opening up markets at home and abroad worked together, understood the technologies urgently needed by owners during market development, and learned the requirements of the market for technology, then combined R&D subjectswith market demands to lay a foundation for the transference ofsci-tech achievements. Furthermore, in order to effectively supplement the research subject of market demand, MCC Huatian's R&D teams also thought deeply about the future requirements of the market, actively perfected the existing research achievements and tried to use forward-looking technological achievements to create market demand.

Because of the right choice of subjects for R&D projects, itssci-tech achievements are the sources of MCC Huatian'spatents. The earlier stage of research achievements in the intelligent high-speed stacker crane robot project led to applications for 84 patents, among which there were 23 invention patents. On November 28th, the dynamic bottom aeration device independently created by MCC Huatianwas released. For four and a half years, MCC Huatian has succeededin conductingthe subversive innovation of three pieces of aeration equipment including surface aeration (inverted umbrella, rotating disc) and bottom aeration, transferred the partial patent technology into products and put them into the engineering stage. The centrifuge self-priming hybrid inverted-umbrella aerator received US invention patent authorization, which was the first time original aeration equipment won an international patent in our country, and obtained the 18th Chinese Patent Excellence Award in 2016. At the same time, MCC Huatian edited the industrial standard Multifunctional and Efficient Aerating Device and the mandatory standard Energy Efficiency Limit Value and Grade of Rotating Aeration Equipment in Sewage Treatment by virtue of its outstanding technological advantages. The aerating equipment related to inverted umbrella and rotating disc has 10 patents, among which 5 are invention patents, and 3 of those are related to bottom aeration. According to the statistics, as of the end of November, 60% of MCC Huatian's 667 new applications for patents are derived from a variety of R&D projects.

Make further progress. As a national sci-tech innovation enterprise, MCC Huatiancarried out plenty of sci-tech innovation in 2016, and will have an even more wonderful layout in 2017, focusing on the construction of national platforms, applying for national science and technology projects, and continuing to attempt to breakthrough its own limitations.

Strategy is opportunity, and opportunity can’t be missed. MCCHuatianpeople know this clearly. As Chairman Kang Chengye emphasized at the 3rd MCC HuatianScience and Technology Conference, Huatianwill become a leading service-oriented and innovative enterprise, actively advocate the innovation culture of 'Advocating innovation, having no fear of failure, daring to be the first, and being able to deal with frustration', greatly carry forward the innovation spirit of 'Having the courage to surpass, striving to be the best, transcending limitations and persevering', and form the good atmosphere of'Everyone pays attention to innovation, supports innovation, participates in innovation and is able to innovate'. MCC Huatian'sscience and technology personnel never give up; they proceed without hesitation according to the spirit 'Performing real deeds and being the first', constantly preparing for the steady improvement of the Company's scientific research level and technological capacity.