Scientific and Technological Achievement of MCCCE Reaches Internationally Advanced Level
CopyFrom:MCC Date:28 October 2016
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On October 27th, MCC held a scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting in Chongqing to authenticate two scientific and technological achievements completed by MCCCE. The meeting was held by MCC’s Department of Science and Technology. The expert panel inquired about and discussed the main innovative points, technical analysis at home and abroad, popularization and application situation, and popularization prospects of the two achievements, and put forward opinions and suggestions on their existing problems. After the authentication, Rectangular Multi-Limb Welding Stirrup Automatic Processing Product Line Key Technique was deemed to have reached the internationally advanced level, and Rebar Upsetting Anchor Technique Research and Development was deemed to have reached the domestically advanced level.

Rectangular Multi-Limb Welding Stirrup Automatic Processing Product Line Key Technique aims at the problem of heavy manual workload, heavy labor intensity and low production efficiency. The independently-developed double electrode T-type welding machine realizes rectangular multi-limb stirrup synchronous welding, thereby improving the efficiency of the welding stirrup. The independently-developed loading and unloading equipment automatic control system realizes the production automation and parameterization of different specifications of rectangular multi-limb welding stirrups. The independently-developed bulk receiving device with a bending hoop system can automatically collect stirrups. The scientific and technological achievement Rebar Upsetting Anchor Technique Research and Development consists of innovative research into the form, technology and equipment of upset heads. It is the first to put forward the idea that the electric heating upset head of the rebar end can serve as the concrete anchorage form, which has such advantages as high anchorage performance and convenient installation when compared with the traditional hook anchorage. The processing technology parameters of the upset head were confirmed and the processing quality of the upset head ensured through this experimental study. The independently-developed digital upset head processing equipment has such advantages as high processing speed and processing accuracy, which meets the needs of the centralized processing, distribution and production of rebar, while adapting to field processing at the same time. The above two achievements have been applied in multiple projects, bringing the enterprise remarkable economic benefits.