MCC Huatian's Special Elevator Guide Rail Hot Rolling Mill Reaches International Advanced Level
CopyFrom:MCC Date:23 September 2016
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On September 19th, MCC held an appraisal meeting of scientific and technological achievements in Nanjing to identify three scientific and technological achievements of MCC Huatian. Through expert appraisal, the development of the 'Special  Elevator Guide Rail Hot Rolling Mill' was deemed to have reached the international advanced level. So far, the achievement has resulted in applications for 9 patents and the obtaining of 5 authorized patents (including 2 invention patents). The successful development of this mill fully embodies the technical strength of MCC Huatian as the bar profile 'first echelon' of the MCC Group.

The 'Special Elevator Guide Rail Hot Rolling Mill' has a wide range of application fields, including not only elevator rail steel rolling, but also the production of superior special alloy steel bars, general small sections and small H-profile steel products. At present, the domestic special mills used for elevator guide rails all need to be imported from abroad, and is the prices are expensive. The 'Special Elevator Guide Rail Hot Rolling Mill' developed by MCC Huatian fills the domestic gap and reduces the engineering investment. Changzhou Dongfang Special Steel Co., Ltd. has replaced its original imported rolling mill with the special mill developed by MCC Huatian, which has a high mill rigidity and convenient maintenance conditions. It can realize quick replacement, effectively meet the requirements of all kinds of rolling technologies and generate remarkable economic benefits.

The other two achievements were deemed to have reached the domestic leading level; among them, the relevant achievements of the research and development of 'Wet Electrostatic Precipitator for Wet Desulfurization Acid Mist Purification Technology' has basically solved the problem of wet desulphurization, and can effectively remove SO3, heavy metals, fine dust (PM2.5), small droplets and so on with a removal rate of 75% or above, thereby reducing the opacity (turbidity) of the flue gas. The research and development of 'Furnace Waste Heat Resource Recycling Utilization Integration System' focuses on single drum-vapor double circulation (forced circulation + natural circulation) technology, reducing the chimney inlet exhaust temperature and reaching the comprehensive utilization of waste heat resources from heating furnaces.