MCC Wins Three Awards for Science & Technology Progress in Preliminary Assessment Results of National Science & Technology Awards
CopyFrom:MCC Date:04 July 2016
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The National Office for Science & Technology Awards recently published the preliminary assessment results of the 2016 National Science & Technology Awards, in which 3 MCC projects recommended by the Group passed the preliminary assessment and won the second prize of the National Award for Science & Technology Progress, two of which won prizes: 'High efficiency and low consumption giant blast furnace key technology and application' led and finished by CISDI, and 'Bottom-blown smelting-smelting reduction-oxygen enrichment volatilization continual lead smelting new technology and industrialized application' led and finished by China ENFI. At the same time, 'Laterite-nickel ore-producing high quality ferronickel key technology and device development and application' finished by China ENFI as the second complete unit also won the second prize. MCC’s science and technology awards work continues to obtain gratifying achievements despite the significant changes made to the National Science & Technology Awards in many aspects, such as the recommendation and assessment system in 2016.

According to the awards situation this year, both MCC’s award number and level are among the best of central enterprises and rank first among metallurgical and architectural central enterprises; judging from the recommendation situation, MCC and CNPC are the only two central enterprises to have been recommended for and won 2 National Science & Technology Awards, which demonstrates the strong scientific and technological innovation capacity of MCC and reflects the key role that the Group’s science and technology awards work plays in the National Science & Technology Awards system.

Recently, the Group’s science and technology work has closely complied with MCC's new strategic development positioning proposed by President Guo Wenqing, enhancing the cultivation strength of major key technology and strengthening the R&D and engineering application of major projects. In the aspect of science and technology awards, the Group pays great attention to preliminary planning, reinforces field layout, refines process management, elaborately organizes instructions, enhances the industrialized application of core technology with proprietary intellectual property rights through such methods as enterprise-university-research institution cooperation, and continuously explores new science and technology innovation points. Meanwhile, on the premise of maintaining MCC’s existing recommendation channel for science and technology awards, the Group will collect social science and technology resources, expand its new recommendation channel, constantly occupy the high ground of national and industrial science and technology innovation, and provide solid support for the Group’s new strategic positioning of becoming the 'national team of metallurgy construction, the main force of infrastructure construction and the pacesetter of emerging industries'.