MCC Organizes and Carries Out International Standard Preparation Special Topic Training in Dalian Distinct
CopyFrom:MCC Date:07 June 2016
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On June 3rd, MCC organized and carried out Special Topic Training in International Standard Preparation in Dalian, to which Division Head of the SAC International Cooperation Department's International Organization Section Li Dongfang was invited to give a special topic lecture. This special topic training was uniformly arranged and carried out according to MCC's 2016 Annual Science And Technological Works Plan. It was designed to comprehensively develop the international standard work level of MCC's subsidiary companies and promote international standard preparation works. In his lecture, Li Dongfang gave a detailed explanation of the elementary knowledge of international standards, the basic information of China’s participation in international standardizing works, the main working processes of international standard preparation, typical cases of international standardizing works and relative points for attention, mainly discussing the feasibility matter of MCC ACRE’s participation in formulating and compiling the SC3 of ISO/TC27.

Strengthening international standard preparation work is one of the most important measures for promoting and implementing the national 'One Belt and One Road' policy, accelerating the productivity of the steel industry and promoting cooperation in equipment manufacturing. It can also help to support the Enterprise in entering foreign markets and improving its brand image. Since the beginning of last year, by means of organizing training in international standard series and international standard joint cooperation, MCC has comprehensively popularized the elementary knowledge of international standard works and further improved the international standard works levels of its related subsidiaries. The primary effect has been achieved. Moreover, MCC has applied for the approval of 5 international standards that were led by the Enterprise.

This training activity was attended by relevant personnel from the MCC Ministry of Science and Technology, the leaders in charge of technology in MCC ACRE and MCC NETC, the heads of related departments and the principals of related professional departments and ministries.