Shanghai Baoye Project Passes New Technology Application Demonstration Project Acceptance of MCC Construction
CopyFrom:MCC Date:01 June 2016
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Recently, MCC Group held a conference on MCC Construction’s new technology application demonstration project acceptance, conducting an acceptance to the “Tianjin Zhongwang Aluminum Corp.’s outsize high-precision aluminum and aluminum alloy processing material project” constructed by Shanghai Baoye Group.

The specialists agreed that the project had solved complex technical problems in construction and promoted engineering quality through positively promoting the use of new technology and implementing technological innovations in the construction process. Its outstanding applications include 'comprehensive pipeline layout technology, large pipeline closed circulation washing technology, virtual simulation construction technology implementation, concrete crack control technology' and so on; many new technologies were independently researched and developed, including 'pipeline digitalized factory prefabrication technology, super-deep well construction technology and large-scale main motor hydraulic pressure gantry crane core punching and mounting technology'; the project also made plentiful substantial achievements and generated applications for 17 patents in total, including 2 patents for invention, 7 authorized patents for utility models and 1 refined national-level construction method, with its key technology winning the Silver Award in the 26th Shanghai Excellent Invention Qualification Race; in addition, 7 papers were published.

Through a comprehensive review, the specialists agreed that the project accorded with the acceptance requirements for MCC Construction's new technology application demonstration projects, reached the advanced international level as a whole and passed the acceptance check.