Inauguration of Tongji Baoye Omni-directional Loading Structural Lab
CopyFrom:MCC Date:03 May 2016
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On April 23rd, the 'Tongji Baoye Omni-directional Loading Structural Lab' co-built by Shanghai Baoye and Shanghai Tongji University was inaugurated at the Shanghai Baoye Group's Steel Structure Engineering Company. Tongji University Vice President Chen Yiyi and Chief Engineer of the Shanghai Baoye Group Liu Hongliang presented the inauguration ceremony. They conducted friendly communication on enhancing cooperation in the Tongji Baoye Lab. The establishment of this lab will further raise the experimental ability of the mechanical properties of steel structure complex nodes, providing powerful experimental data support for steel structure system design. It also fills in the domestic blank in all operating states for the experimental ability of steel structure complex nodes, further enhancing the technological connotations of the Baoye steel structure brand.

Chief Engineer Liu Hongliang warmly welcomed University Vice President Chen Yiyi and his delegation. He also introduced the Steel Structure Company’s rapid growth against the trend in recent years. Both parties had a deep and detailed conversation and discussion of the future development direction of the steel structure industry and the issues concerning the cooperative operation of the Tongji Baoye Lab.

President Chen said that Tongji University and Shanghai Baoye are long-time partners with a very good foundation for collaboration at the same time. He hopes that both parties will expand their cooperation into more fields in the future, joining hands in development of the State’s steel structure industry and making fresh contributions.

Deputy Chief Engineer of Shanghai Baoye Hua Minyu and Deputy Chief Engineer and General Manager of the Steel Structure Company Pei Zhiqing et al. also attended this inauguration ceremony.