MCC Obtains New Achievements in Patent Work with Over 16,000 Valid Patents
CopyFrom:MCC Date:28 December 2015
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In 2015, closely focusing on the strategic objectives of becoming the world’s largest, strongest and best ‘National Team’ in metallurgical engineering construction and operation services, and building an upgraded ‘Four Beams and Eight Columns’ business system, MCC greatly strengthened its application, portfolio and protection of patents for core technologies, finally obtaining new achievements and making new breakthroughs in intellectual property work. So far, MCC has accumulated more than 16,000 valid patents, a total of 16,241, including 3,579 patents for invention, and has maintained stable and rapid growth.

According to the central enterprises patent ranking issued by SASAC in July, MCC continued to rank fourth among central enterprises in 2014 for its cumulative valid patents. After the number of valid patents reached a large scale in the previous year, MCC still possessed strong growth momentum regarding its patent applications. Based on the express data, in 2015, MCC applied for 4,026 new patents, including 1,732 patents for invention, and possessed 2,804 newly-authorized patents, including 837 patents for invention. The above achievements sufficiently indicate the positive influence of the ‘two creations’ activity on MCC’s technological innovation and patent application, the general enlargement of patent consciousness among the mass engineering technicians and MCC’s solid and profound technological accumulation.

In the future, centering on MCC’s new strategic position of becoming the ‘national team in metallurgical construction, main force of capital construction and pacemaker of emerging industries’, and adhering to the ‘three combinations’ of technological innovation, namely the combination of MCC’s ‘national team’ top-level design, the ‘Four Beams and Eight Columns’ business system, and the advanced manufacturing, 3D printing and ‘Internet+’ technologies, MCC’s Science and Technology Department will continually improve its portfolio and application of patents for core technologies and actively build a patent protection ‘forest’ to ensure the constant and accelerating growth of MCC’s valid patents. It will also continuously enhance the ratio of invention patents and patent quality, strengthen its patent operation and management and give full play to the economic value of its patents so as to provide more solid technical support for building the world’s largest, strongest and best ‘National Team’ in metallurgical construction and operation services by virtue of its huge reserves of patented technology.