MCC Group Promoted Patent Application Using “Double-Creation” with Totally 15,000 breakthroughs of Valid Patents, Ranking the Fourth among Central Enterprises
CopyFrom:MCC Date:30 October 2015
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Under the specific requirements of President Guo Wenqing regarding taking the road of core technology-oriented transformation and leap-frog development, the Group’s patent work has been centered on 'National Team' top-level design, the 'Four Beams and Eight Pillars' business system and 'advanced manufacture, 3D printing and Internet+'. Furthermore, based on 'Double Innovation', MCC has further improved its patent applications, protection and layout analysis of core technology and achieved significant results. By the end of September this year, the number of effective patents held by the MCC Group has exceeded 15,000, reaching 15,585, among which 3,350 patents for innovation ensure fast and stable development. In SASAC's cumulative effective patents ranking of central enterprises in June of this year, the MCC Group held its position near the top and attained fourth place.

In the past decade, the number of the Group’s cumulative effective patents has increased from 614 in 2006 to 15,585 today, and its rank has risen to fourth place among central enterprises this year from 31st place. Each year, MCC makes improvements and breakthroughs, and these achievements fully demonstrate that the 'Double Innovation' activity has improved the Group’s scientific and technical innovation and patent application abilities. They also demonstrate that MCC's top-level design and patented 'National Team' development strategy were scientific and reasonable, that the awareness of patents among engineering technicians has been universally strengthened, and that the Group's scientific and technical accumulation has been solid and considerable.

MCC's numerous effective patents, especially its great innovation patent ownership, ensures the absolute predominance of the Group in market competition and provides a powerful new impetus for building the world’s largest, strongest and best 'National Team' in metallurgical construction and operation services. In the future, MCC will further improve the layout of its core technology and the publicity of its patented technology, realize sooner the productization of its core technology and the industrialization of its products and introduce MCC Group equipment abroad.