CFMCC Conducts Knowledge Q&A Activity to Welcome Party’s 19th National Congress
CopyFrom: Date:30 October 2017
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  On October 17th, as the ‘Double Ninth Festival’ approached, CFMCC proceeded from the realities of management service, considered the age, physical conditions and travel inconvenience of the elderly, and held a knowledge Q&A activity themed ‘Celebrating the Double Ninth Festival and Welcoming Successful Opening of the Party’ 19th National Congress’ in Honggangcheng Liujie Community.

  Over 40 retired people crowded the Liujie Community Meeting Room. The knowledge Q&A activity was conducted with the host reading questions and people present taking turns to answer in order. ‘What time will the Chinese Communist Party’s 19th National Congress be held in Beijing?’ ‘To which value goal level do prosperity, democracy, civilization and harmony belong among socialist core values?’ About 100 questions closely focused on the development changes in our country, society and ourselves helped the people to learn and feel the country’s rapid development together. Some didn’t react in time after listening to the questions and others helped by reminding them. Some eagerly put their hands up to answer before the host had finished reading the questions. A scrambling and enthusiastic answering atmosphere filled the whole site.

  The elderly presented a positive and inspiring spirit and excitement in anticipation of the successful opening of the Party’s 19th National Congress through games of various forms and abundant contents.