MCC22 Hold Poverty Relief Day ‘Four Ones’ Help Activity
CopyFrom: Date:30 October 2017
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  October 17th was the 4th Domestic Poverty Relief Day and 25th International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. The MCC22 Group seriously fulfilled its poverty alleviation duties by organizing and holding the ‘Four Ones’ series activity, aiming to further and more practically help the employees solve their actual problems.

  MCC22’s Poverty Relief Day ‘Four Ones’ Help Activity mainly involved caring for its employees’ lives, poverty relief and problem solving, and tries to do things well, carry out practical works and solve problems for the employees. First, the visit activity. The MCC22 Labor Union leaders led a team to visit and greet sick and impoverished employees, and gave rice, noodles, oil and other goods to everyone and every family. Second, the file system of impoverished employees has been updated. Based on registered impoverished employees, according to the dynamic management and superior Labor Union’s new requirements, impoverished employees have been re-affirmed, adjusted and reduced. They also approved and issued food coupons and courtesy cards for employees with special difficulties, and provided specific first-hand information for the whole year of ‘sending warmth’ activities. Third, learning assistance activities. Release help and greet money. This involves helping with the school admission of supported children so as to ease the study pressure for their families. Fourth, the ‘One Family’ inspection and survey activity. This involves inspecting and surveying impoverished employees’ family conditions, causes of poverty, poverty alleviation willingness, living needs and other aspects using the questionnaire method, forming an inspection and survey report, providing a basis and laying the foundation for conducting general support and special help, and establishing a long-term support mechanism. Meanwhile, MCC22 compiled and printed 100 copies of its pocket publicity books, further expanded its publicity and created a strong opinion atmosphere in line with the Poverty Alleviation Day theme.

  MCC22 further carries forward its ‘One Family’ enterprise culture through the Poverty Alleviation Day ‘Four Ones’ help activity, cares about the concerns and interests of its employees , practically carries out our poverty alleviation work and strives to create a better and happier MCC22.