‘T&W•Baosteel’ Champion Cup Football Competition Is Successfully Held
CopyFrom: Date:30 October 2017
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  On October 18th, the ‘T&W•Baosteel’ Champion Cup football competition was successfully held on Taicang Tongwei Electronics Co., Ltd.’s football field.

  At the start, the team of Shanghai Baoye’s Installation Company held a slight edge and scored the first goal. At the end of the first half, they led with a score of 1-0. However, things changed in the second half and Tongwei Electronics played with full force, quickly equalized and successively scored another 3 goals, thus defeating the Installation Company 4-1 and winning the  ‘T&W•Baosteel’ Champion Cup.

  Since it started strategic cooperation with Tongwei Electronics in March, 2013, Shanghai Baoye has respectively undertaken Taicang Tongwei’s 201 workshop, 202 warehouse, football field, 207 administrative conference center, 208 indoor activity center, 209 administrative building, 301 cadre dormitory building and other projects, providing high-quality buildings for Tongwei Electronics Co., Ltd. to build the enterprise culture of ‘T&W• Family’. This football competition is a further deep cooperation and common construction between Shanghai Baoye and Tongwei Electronics in enterprise culture, staff communication, family construction, interaction and other aspects. In particular, it is a consistent family culture of ‘Tongwei•Family’ and ‘Baoye•Family’ respectively advocated by both sides, letting both have highly consistent value in building family culture and making contributions to maintaining the strategic cooperation relationship.