MCC WSGRI Holds ‘Caring for the Elderly, Warming the Double Ninth Festival with Love’ Free Treatment Activity
CopyFrom: Date:30 October 2017
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  To carry forward the Chinese nation’s fine tradition of ‘respecting, esteeming, loving and helping the elderly’, and create a warm and harmonious atmosphere of respect and esteem for the elderly, on the morning of October 21st, MCC WSGRI’s Outpatient Department specially organized experts from Wuhan City Puren Hospital to visit Kanyuan Community and conduct a free treatment activity themed ‘Caring for the Elderly, Warming the Double Ninth Festival with Love’ for the company’s retired employees.

  This free treatment activity mainly involved popularizing knowledge of anorectal diseases and providing free consultation and free treatment for patients with such diseases. At the activity venue, doctors from Wuhan City Puren Hospital’s Anorectal Surgery Department explained anorectal disease knowledge, patiently answered all kinds of questions asked by everyone, conducted anoscopy for 20 patients on the site, diagnosed anorectal disease types and put forward treatment advice. This free treatment activity let everyone fully know the relevant knowledge of anorectal diseases and become aware that anorectal diseases are not a small problem. If they don’t see a doctor in time, it can become very serious. This activity also further improved their health consciousness.

  Filial piety is the foundation of all virtues. ‘Filial piety’ is an important factor for familial and social harmony, and the essence of traditional Chinese virtue. This activity sent warmth to the elderly, helped to create a sound atmosphere of ‘respecting, esteeming, loving and helping the elderly’ in society, and obtained affirmation and praise from all sectors of society. In the future, MCC WSGRI will continue to fulfill its enterprise responsibilities and selflessly contribute to society.