MCCCE Holds 2017 Annual Employee Football Competition
CopyFrom: Date:30 October 2017
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  On October 20th, 2017, the football competition for employees held by MCCCE Group came to an end. Nine football teams from the organization and all second-level units attended the competition, which adopted a five-a-side system and was divided into groups A and B. The top two teams in each group were chosen for the semifinals, in which cross matches were played and the champion and second and third place teams decided. The Concrete Company’s team emerged victorious while the Organization team and Business I Sector took second and third place respectively.

  This is the second time this football competition has been held, so the system and pitch of last year’s competition were used. Having been given notice about the competition, all second-level units paid close attention to it, and organized elaborately. Young employees actively signed up and prepared for the competition. The team members closely coordinated, fought hard and fully presented the competitive sports spirit of ‘friendship first, competition second’. Beside the pitch, fellow employees applauded the players’ wonderful performance, embodying sound sportsmanship. The players on the green pitch wiped off the sweat of youth and played a series of fantastic games, demonstrating MCCCE employees’ spirit of ‘forging ahead and struggling to be the best’ to the spectators.