MCC17 Party Government and Labor Union Co-Donate Money to Employees with Serious Illness
CopyFrom: Date:30 October 2017
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  Serious illnesses are ruthless, but people have love. Tang Yanxi, an employee of the MCC17 Group’s subordinate Infrastructure Engineering Management Center, has suffered from uremia and received unsatisfactory treatment for a long time. He was recently diagnosed with neoplasms on the left kidney, for which he requires a resection operation and a left kidney transplant. Up to October 23rd, over 400 employees from the company donated a total of RMB 51,710, igniting hope and passing on the warmth of love.

  Upon learning of the difficulties faced by Tang Jianxi, the MCC17 Party Government and Labor Union put forward a love donation proposal calling upon all employees to donate love, lend a hand and help Tang Jianxi and his family tide over their difficulties. Immediately, the love donation activity was rapidly held and the love converged into a sea. The company’s assistance unit also positively joined in after learning about it, and donated over RMB 2,000 to Tang Jianxi.

  At present, the MCC17 Party Committee and Labor Union principal has visited Tang Jianxi, given him the donation and the greetings of the organization, and told him and his family to promptly reach out to the company if they have any difficulties, as the company will try to help them. Tang Jianxi said that he is moved by the company leaders and employees’ thoughtful care, and will positively fight against the disease and try to get better soon.